Jason Balaban

Vice President of Talent Acquisition First American Title

Mr. Balaban serves as Vice President, Talent Acquisition at First American Title where he is responsible for all aspects of the Talent Acquisition function including providing strategic leadership and direction in the development and implementation of programs, processes, and services that are essential for the company to meet its objectives. He has a demonstrated track record of successfully leading growth strategies across multiple lines of businesses including but not limited to: Corporate Services, Banking & Financial Services, Mortgage, Risk Management, Compliance, and Technology.

Previously, Mr. Balaban served as Senior Vice President, Talent Management at Banc of California where he was responsible for leading Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Change Management, and Culture Initiatives. Prior to Banc of California he served as Vice President, Recruiting Manager for J.P. Morgan Chase across multiple lines of business. Mr. Balaban is active in the communities he serves and sits on the Corporate Board of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County

Day One: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

1:45 PM Coaching Your Hiring Managers to Make Onboarding a Team Effort

You have spent weeks, maybe months, and considerable resources identifying the right candidates, and after what you think is a successful hire, they leave in the first year. One way to avoid that turnover is to leverage the entire team to effectively integrate them into the company culture and successfully onboard new employees. Very often onboarding is seen by many managers as checking off the boxes, and new employees fill out forms, watch compliance videos and are expected to jump right in and engage in on-the-job, sink or swim learning. But when properly coached on how to regularly connect, train and communicate with their new employees in a purposeful way, new employees are more likely to thrive in their new environment, and reduces the costs and disruption to your workforce that turnover creates. In this discussion Victoria Quarterman and Jason Balaban will discuss how they created game plans for their teams, building profitable and diverse corporate communities, including: 

  • Building benchmarks for regular communication with new employees, outside of the regular review schedule
  • Create programs that pair new employees with teammates who can act as resources for company information
  • Leverage technology to ensure just-in-time training is easily available
  • Create a culture of learning within your organization, to build an effective leadership pipeline

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