Re-imagining Strategies for Talent Leaders in a Rapidly Changing, 
Remote Work Environment

As companies adjust to the ongoing pandemic, talent management and acquisition leaders need to get creative to ensure they identify and build a diverse leadership team, and fill the vacancies that still exist, to position their organizations for success well beyond the 21st century.

At the September 2020 Talent Leaders Exchange, we will unpack the challenges and solutions that exist for Talent Management and Acquisition Executives, as they build the foundation of profitable and successful organizations with the right talent in the right job. The Exchange will be a mixture of case studies, panels, problem-solving Peer-to-Peer Think Tanks, in an environment that gives HR executives the space to cross-pollinate best practices, find enterprise solutions and reinvigorate their passion for talent development.

Learn from HR Executives who are sharpening the tools in their tool-box to deal with these challenges. They are redefining what success looks like, by throwing away outdated tracking systems and methods, embracing cutting-edge technology that reduces the time to hire. Learn how they are developing internal talent and building successful teams from the ground up Learn how they are creating real-world benchmarks that prove the value and profitability to internal stakeholders, but still makes sense to all of their employees.

Connect. Learn. Grow Your Network.

Haven't joined an Exchange before? It's an invitation-only virtual event designed to create an environment of true peer-to-peer collaboration as executives connect, identify and benchmark solutions to critical business challenges. This includes:
  • Interactive Peer-to-Peer Think Tanks, where you can dive into discussions on pressing topics
  • Practitioner led sessions by senior executives
  • Networking opportunities, including face-to-face conversations with other attendees 
  • Benchmarking solutions with exclusive one-on-one business meetings

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The Exchange Experience is as powerful as ever during these unprecedented, economically volatile times. 

Watch our featured video to see for yourself what our 2020 Virtual Exchange Experience entails with your attendance.

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