December 8 - 10, 2020

Cultivating the Talent You Need for the Future of Business

Many industries have experienced abrupt and sharp recent changes leading HR, Learning and Talent professionals to make challenging decisions. As business leaders, we must look ahead and consider what is next. Now is the time to plan, adopt and rebound in order to drive business success. This FREE to attend three day event allows you to dial in from the comfort of your desk and listen to talent leaders live or on demand! We are providing you with access to some of the most well-known and cutting edge solutions to help enhance you and your company.

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Key Themes


Rethinking, designing and executing talent management strategies to increase employee effectiveness in virtual work environments


Fostering adaptive, collaborative environments that help employees learn with and from each other to develop new skills


Developing talent acquisition processes that support the construction of a global talent pool and increase the volume of diverse candidates


Creating diversity and inclusion initiatives to spark genuine internal conversations to improve the company’s brand authenticity  


Maintaining a culture of continuous learning and development to drive employee development and increase retention


Implementing employee experience practices that enhance engagement and aide in the development of a growth mindset

Why Talent Exchange Live 2020?

Over 1,000 Registrants

Network with your global HR community.

Access to Content

Gain access to an expanding library of content featuring insights and analysis from subject matter experts and trusted researchers.

15+ Industry Leading Speakers

Interact on our platform with those leading the way to business success. 

On-Demand Sessions

Don't have a chance to watch all sessions live? No problem, sessions will be recorded for your convenience. 

Industry Leading Speakers

Challenge Your Thinking

The shift our workforce has needed to make has left many to change their priorities overnight. As leaders look at their plans for the rest of the year, it will be useful to lean on the help of our speakers and solution providers who are seeing success through new initiatives and sharing their success stories. 

Enrich Your Network

Talent management and development both of have seen radical changes due to the widespread shift toward remote work. Our speakers will present impactful plans and strategies that can help transform your organization. This is a great opportunity to encourage your colleagues to join the conversations held by industry leaders creating success. 

Higher Level Learning

This is a chance to learn from the best. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during LIVE sessions and download free valuable resources, case studies, guides and more in order for you to invest in yourself and your organization.

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