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An Analytical Mind

Curious about the integration of Analytics and Talent Management? We have some great articles from the HR Exchange Network's Editorial team. Review them here and join us for the Talent Management  Summit this January 28-30, 2019 in New Orleans, LA. For a copy sent to you email >>> 

Modern Talent Management

Curious on how to bring your talent management strategies into the 21st Century? Check out this ebook on modernizing your techniques. We cover everything from millennial trends to the digital era. Learn more at the Talent Management Summit, running January 28-30, 2019 in New Orleans, LA. For a copy sent to you email >>> 

Talent Management: Performance Review and The Right Way to do it

Should the annual performance review be abolished or should it stay? How should the Chief HR Officer become an equal business partner to the CEO? These are both interesting and important questions. The latter can actually be easily facilitated by achieving the former, while making employees much happier about the entire process. Jack Bucalo from the HR Exchange Network writes on how this can take place. For a copy sent to you email >>> 

Man fired by a computer

How could intelligent automation have saved a man's job? This article explores the complexities of what happens when computers take over but are not integrated properly with artificial intelligence. For a copy sent to you email >>> 

Artificial Intelligence: Adapting to the Human Resources Landscape

AI is infiltrating almost industries and business functions across the board,; included in that are Human Resources, especially in areas such as recruiting, onboarding, and training.  AI algorithms can process massive amounts of data into information that can then be analyzed into knowledge.  While data analytics and candidate screening chat bots are the most familiar AI applications in HR, there is an emerging AI-driven renaissance in skills training. This is where HR must really revolutionize the process. For a copy sent to you email >>> 


A LinkedIn study found that about 20% of job training results in time wasted, meaning an average of 20% of employees never apply their training to their job. That same study says 67% of learners do apply the lessons learned, but ultimately revert to old habits. Another study found 45% of training content is never applied. HR professionals looking to invest in programs that yield strong ROIs may be discouraged with such numbers. What is a Talent  Manager to do? Read on. For a copy sent to you email >>> 

Improving Culture Through Leadership

Ahead of the Talent Management Summit, running January 28-30, the HR Exchange Network has the latest on what really improves culture. It turns our leadership can have a major impact on the overall culture of a company and can result in a make or break situation for many employees. For a copy sent to you email >>>