April 28 - 30, 2019 | Omni Champions Gate Resort, Orlando, FL

Day 1 — Sunday, April 28

10:00 am - 10:30 am Registration

10:30 am - 10:35 am Welcome Orientation

10:35 am - 10:50 am Thoughtexchange — App Introduction

10:50 am - 11:00 am Chairperson's Opening Remarks

11:00 am - 11:45 am Is Our Talent Ready for Digital?

When work changes, so does talent. In our current digital era, talent management has seen many of its established best practices uprooted and overhauled. The annual performance review has been pushed out in favor of weekly check-ins, often delivered through mobile-enabled social tools. Job hopping has been rebranded as early-career skill development; retaining employees beyond two year mark now counts as success. Employees now demand ongoing skills development while the C-Suite leans on talent development to shape and accelerate young employees’ transition to managerial roles. Conversations about compensation have entered the domain of social media as Millennials seek workplace transparency. Offices have been transformed; employees now work remotely or in shifts, attuned to their family’s schedule. In this disrupted, digital era, learn more about:

  • Why companies that excel at employee experience also outperform with customer experience
  • Setting performance-based goals using mobile tools, informal conversations and social rewards
  • Creating training and development experiences that are personalized while tied to business strategy

11:45 am - 1:15 pm Networking Event + Lunch

1:20 pm - 2:00 pm Identifying and Updating Your Employer Brand

Kristen Weirick - Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, AbbVie
With an incredibly limited talent pool and the lowest levels of unemployment in years, it is more important than ever to turn your attention to your employer brand. Definitions of employer brand vary widely, however.  Is it your rating on Glassdoor? Your image stream on Instagram? Does it appear in the articles mentioning your company’s name on LinkedIn or does it emerge out of the recruiting process itself, in the content you push forward on potential applicants? Uncover how to assess your employer brand and what to do if you discover it is not the brand you had hoped to portray. 

  • Alternative means of obtaining an accurate assessment of the employer brand that employees are seeing and absorbing
  • Identifying the aspects of employer brand that will help to retain top talent
  • Ensure buy-in on new strategies from upper management to create long-lasting success 


Kristen Weirick

Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition

2:35 pm - 3:05 pm Business Meetings

4:05 pm - 4:35 pm Business Meetings

3:05 pm - 3:20 pm Networking Break

3:20 pm - 4:05 pm Bugs Bunny and the Case of the Learning Culture

In this interactive session participants will be asked to consider learning and culture in some new ways. We’ll discuss process, brain science, group learning and we’ll get a chance to put Thoughtexchange through its paces as we explore what is important to this group of CTO attendees.

4:10 pm - 4:55 pm Reinventing Succession Planning for the Low Unemployment Era

At the best-performing organizations, talent managers are engaged in an ongoing career pathing conversation that takes place in a variety of digital and real-world platforms. Strategic succession planning draws on all these talent pools to fill your talent pipeline, even in a time of unprecedented competitive hiring.  It’s built around drawing top talent into your organization in the earlier phases of their career and keeping them there by supporting their development into the multifaceted leaders your company needs.  Learn about how you can use these tools to create a lasting succession plan. 

4:10 pm - 4:55 pm Recondition Your Leaders’ Mindsets and Make Coaching Second Nature

We all know that after training sessions employees often  try to include their new skills for a bit, but ultimately revert back to their old ways. It is the difficult task of Talent Management professionals to create a mental shift in their employees mindset to promote lasting changes. Coaching culture is no different. While it is easy to explain why coaching works and it’s results, it is more difficult to change the way people think to make coaching second nature to a company’s individuals. Achieving this is necessary to ensure the success of integrating coaching culture into your organization and proving that it is more than just talk.  In this session, learn the strategies and techniques of talent development pros who are masters at weaving coaching culture into the organization at a micro level. 

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Diversity’s Dividends, Getting Business Critical With An Inclusion Strategy

Lisa Zweber-Smith - Vice President Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, MGM Resorts International
Despite widespread studies showing that diverse companies routinely outperform their competition, most companies still lag behind in actual results to diversify their executive staff, corporate boards and management ranks. Often, initiatives for diversity and inclusion stumble because of lack of commitment to outcomes, an incomplete strategy or a misunderstanding of how diverse talent pipelines are built and maintained. In this session, one company will show how it diversified its leadership ranks by focusing on how talent management could fill roles that better served the customer needs of a diverse client market. Learn more about:

  • Designing internal hiring and success programs that boost diversity outcomes
  • Analyzing your employer brand from the vantage point of underrepresented employees
  • Overhauling talent management programs to support retention and development of diversity

Lisa Zweber-Smith

Vice President Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
MGM Resorts International

5:35 pm - 6:05 pm Business Meetings

6:05 pm - 6:35 pm Business Meetings

Ignite Presentations

6:40 pm - 6:50 pm Crafting and Communicating Career Maps to Benefit Both the Company and the Individual
At the best-performing organizations, talent managers are engaged in an ongoing career pathing conversation that takes place in a variety of digital and real-world platforms. By including individuals in the conversation, career mapping can become more personalized and result in more fulfilled employees. In turn, robust career mapping enables companies to craft and enhance their talent pipeline, even in a time of unprecedented competitive hiring.  It’s no longer enough to draw top talent to your company; keeping these employees  there requires  supporting their development into the multifaceted leaders your company needs.  Learn about how you can use these tools to bring employee and employer together to achieve better outcomes. 

Ignite Presentations

6:50 pm - 7:00 pm Managing the Recruitment Process to Increase Employee Longevity
When there is a disconnect between Talent Management and Recruitment, there is often confusion that leads to unsatisfied employees and high turnover. Getting a handle on the recruitment process is key to enhancing employee engagement and creating a lasting relationship with your top talent. Understand how you can gain oversight of the recruitment process and streamline your employer brand messaging  to reduce your turnover rates.

7:00 pm - 7:10 pm Talent Management for Teams: Pivoting Away From Individual Performance

Talent management, as it is currently practiced, is still very much focused on individuals. But under new models of business organization, teams have increasingly become the basic building block of how work gets done and they are poised to become the industry standard in the coming years. Shifting your focus to teams allows for the ability to rapidly adapt to change more than the traditional, static, hierarchical set-up based on individual performance.  Forming and assembling teams that can work together will be an essential strategy in dealing with digital transformation and ongoing business disruption.   

7:15 pm - 9:00 pm Cocktails + Networking Dinner