April 28 - 30, 2019 | Omni Champions Gate Resort, Orlando, FL

Elaine Mason

VP, People Planning, Design and Analytics
Cisco Systems

5:20 PM Identifying Future Talent Needs and Evolving Your Existing Workforce to Meet Those Needs

As companies get a handle on current talent management strategies, they are beginning to forecast their future talent needs. With all of the changes over the years and advances in technology, HR may need to take a different approach to developing talent for the future of the business.  For instance, a data analysis may forecast where talent will be needed in the next 12 to 18 months or we might discover that the line of business leaders reveals a real lack of future leadership. In such cases, HR needs to shift its focus to pursue a new approach to succession planning and develop a strategy and criteria for vetting existing candidates, without causing alarm among the existing workforce.  In this case study, learn: 

•How to examine your organization’s upcoming hiring needs and your current readiness 
•Developing a better plan of action to fill vacancies and increase employee loyalty by investing in top performers
•Calculating gains and losses through analyzing previous hires and retention rates

4:40 PM Increase Retention with End-to-End Talent Management Strategies

With retention rates across the workforce at their lowest, top talent increasingly opting for project -based work, and unemployment rates at an all-time low, the time has come to re-evaluate existing talent management structures from end to end. Top HR professionals are beginning to look at the lifecycle of the employee to uncover the disconnects and make the necessary changes to increase employee engagement, and thus, retention rates. Some of the top reasons that people leave companies, lack of opportunities to advance, lack of support, lack of clarity around their role, etc. are things that can be addressed by reviewing end-to-end employee life cycles to find areas of incongruence. With a variety of digital tools at your disposal in the digital age, learn how to take on this once daunting process and make it more attainable.

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