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Planning for tomorrow’s engineering workforce starts today. The engineering labor market is experiencing a fundamental transformation. With a record low unemployment of 1.8% in 2018, and one third of engineers retiring over the next five years, companies across the utilities, manufacturing, civil engineering, defense, and life sciences industries have to ready themselves to gain, and maintain a competitive edge in the future. 

Through interactive workshops, and the application of new methodologies and approaches, we will explore strategies for workforce planning and analytics, uncover challenges to our people strategy, self and peer assess our workforce planning  journeys, and build our employer brands.


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Why Attend?

Benchmark your Recruitment, Retention, and Succession Strategies with Leaders across Industries and Engineering Disciplines

Build your Employer Brand, and align your Brand with your Workforce Planning Strategy 

Overcome internal hurdles to effective collaboration around your People Strategy 

Discover your workforce journey through self and peer assisted assessments, sprints, prototyping, and interactive workshops

Empower your People Strategy through Succession Planning, Workforce Planning & Analytics, and Employer Branding 

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