Running Training Like A Business
Contributor: Donal Conn
Posted: 07/14/2012
Donal Conn
Whether you’re a seasoned professional with years of global experience or new to managing a talent development function that crosses borders and languages, the challenges that come with leading a global learning and development function can be intimidating. The unfortunate reality for most global L&D leaders today is that they’ve inherited systems, policies and procedures that were established in relatively simpler times when their company was still domestically-focused or when local employment laws and data privacy regulations were far less demanding that they are today. Even if your function was ‘born global,’ the ever-changing global L&D landscape means that it’s probably time to ask yourself the following questions. Full Content »
Contributor: Edward Trolley
Posted: 05/11/2009
podcast hr today
Training is central to business success, and organizations world-wide have ramped up their investments in training and development to leverage return on investment. Many business leaders say that too often training operates like something separate from the business. It is important to transform training from running as a function to running like Full Podcast »