Corporate Health & Wellness Summit

In order to improve the health of an employee population without contributing to increasing healthcare costs, employers must develop a plan to incorporate wellness into the company strategy while aligning it with the company culture. Wellness programs are transforming as employers find innovative and cost effective ways to address the health of their employees and counteract the effects of employee illness, injury and absenteeism on the workplace productivity.

Attend this event to hear best practices on how to protect the business from today’s rising healthcare costs and how to:

  • Improve program design by integrating disparate wellness initiatives into a full-scale, cohesive program reinforced by industry best practices
  • Reduce medical spend with innovative programs that enhance a seamless user experience
  • Focus on preventative care and proactive initiatives to invest in the health of the employee population
  • Increase wellness program engagement levels including enhanced communication, marketing and branding
  • Ensure sustainable policies and practices by streamlining efforts across internal services and aligning best practices
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