HR Metrics Summit

Turning Insights into Action and Using Metrics to Achieve Results

The zeal to accumulate data that can be used to help executives manage their businesses is at an all time high. Everyday we hear more about new HR analytics and measurement systems that quantify the hidden costs of employee turnover, enable smarter decisions about compensation and wellness programs, measure engagement and employee attitudes and their linkage to profitability.

As HR transitions from a transactional role to a strategic business partner, they must closely align to the business strategy so as to directly contribute to the needs of the business. Metrics provide tangible, measurable evidence of this impact, and allows HR to validate their role to upper management while influencing profitability and business efficiency.

How can your organization use metrics to build and improve company success?

Join us at the HR Metrics Summit on February 16-18 in Chicago as we hear from our speakers on the best metrics and analysis strategies to achieve your organization’s business goal. This program presents for best practice metrics and analysis techniques for talent management, performance management, compensation and wellness programs, and beyond. Learn from your peers about how they’re using metrics to achieve their business goals.
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