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Today’s learner wants individualized training, and wants it to be accessible, immediate and relevant. In a “24/7” world, people are constantly online – constantly connected to a device and close to an access point. We don’t want to wait because we don’t need to wait. Training can happen when we have the time, which can be at any time.As social creatures, humans are always looking to socialize in new ways. The same can be said about training in the workplace. It has to be short, sharp, and... Learn more

Cover for a whitepaper about the impact that AI is having on human resource departments

Once a fantasy of the future, AI is quickly changing how many HR departments operate. In this report, we look at where AI is making an impact now and what to expect in the near future.Learn more

The Datafication of HR: Graduating from Metrics to Analytics

Global competition for talent, outsourcing labor, compliance legislation, remote workers, aging populations – these are just a few of the daunting challenges faced by HR organizations today. Yet the most commonly monitored workforce metrics do very little to deliver true insight into these topics. In this report, we break down 5 areas of specific measurable analytics and their value to the business including: Recruiting Effectiveness Performance Talent Retention... Learn more

The Five Faces Your Managers See During Performance Reviews

Uncover the five most challenging ‘faces’ or ‘masks’ that managers encounter during difficult performance conversations. Get actionable coaching tips to pass to your managers on navigating employee objections and achieving high performance results.Learn more

Making the Case for HRIS

HR professionals face an absolute requirement for change: creating a compelling business case for HRIS implementations and upgrades.Learn more

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Where Will You Find the Talent You Need to Grow Your Operations in Southeast Asia?

In recognition of the fact that a strong pool of skilled, multi-lingual graduates will drive its economy forward, Malaysia has been investing heavily in its tertiary education. Today, the country’s universities and colleges produce about 180,000 new graduates each year. The country is also host to more than 90,000 international students from 100 different countries – a number it estimates will double by 2020. For organizations with ambitious growth strategies, the talent they need...Learn more

Ten key steps to effective succession planning

This white paper provides a starting point to help decision-makers and HR practitioners alike contemplate the ins and outs of a practical succession planning program.Learn more

The Five Faces Your Managers See During Performance Reviews

To get your managers ready to deal with objections, it makes sense to identify the faces they're going to see on the other side of the table when coaching for increased performance. Once you know the most common personas team members regularly use when defending themselves from anyone asking for more performance, you're better equipped to fight through the objections and get to what's real. Read this white paper to discover the 5 most challenging faces personas/masks team members...Learn more

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Referrals

OK, so you’re about to be very short-staffed, and recruiting is a challenge even when you’re not trying to keep up with large-scale generational turnover. You need to hire some people, fast. But you can’t afford to spend a lot of money. And you need them to start right away. Oh, and they have to be quality candidates. Who won’t leave in six months. What are you going to do? Download this complimentary E-Book to find out.Learn more

Prioritize your people to achieve

Without an operationalized approach to maximize their employees’ success, managers often deliver ad hoc recognition that may not be meaningful, is not accurately tracked, and does not serve to provide a consistent and unified employee experience. Organizations can also miss out on the cost savings and compliance benefits that come with standardizing recognition. Leading professional services firms know that client satisfaction will suffer if employees aren’t taken care of. As these...Learn more

66 whitepaper results
of 7