5 Top Trends in Talent Management: How Technology, Personalization, and the Employee Experience are Paving the Way to Change

Recruiting top talent is harder than ever. With shrinking unemployment rates and growing turnover statistics, talent departments are rethinking their strategies. Recruiters, HR professionals, and talent managers are taking innovative approaches to improve the employee experience, transforming talent management from the ground up. As technology, personalized approaches, and an overall focus on the employee experience take the lead, one thing is clear: talent management is changing for the better.

The Future of Talent in an Uncertain World

Casper Moerck, the Head of Learning Technology at Siemens AG, sat down with the Corporate Learning Network to discuss where the future of talent is headed and factors companies like his need to be concerned with. Read his interview and join him at the Talent Management Summit taking place January 28-30, 2019 in New Orleans, LA.

Jobs Lost, Gained, and Sustained

An overview of the findings from “JOBS LOST, JOBS GAINED: WORKFORCE TRANSITIONS IN A TIME OF AUTOMATION” by the McKinsey Global Institute. This report studies market disruptions that
may result from automation and potential sources of new labor demand to create additional jobs. For a copy sent to you email >>> enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com 

7 Trends to Impact the Future of Work

McKinsey expects seven major economic and lifestyle trends to impact the future of work from 2016-2030. These trends coexist with the automated technological revolution and evolve the way we manage and restructure talent. To view the full overview of the report, click HERE. For a copy sent to you email >>> enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com 

Managing Talent: An Equilibrium Between Systems Thinking and Complexity Thinking

Managing Talent is a delicate blend of systems thinking and complexity thinking, stated by our influencer Philippe Husser, author of The High-Impact PMO. Learn about Talent Management throughout Philippe's 40 year career and the three success factors that can help Talent Managers. For a copy via email >>> enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com