BrainWeave® Discussions

"We had a lot of opportunities to extend our knowledge to get up to date and I particularly enjoyed doing a BrainWeave® session. It gives you a more intimate forum in which you can share ideas and experiences - and people can be very forthcoming. Perhaps more than when you are in a plenary session where people are less willing to raise their hand and ask questions or share experiences."
- Previous Attendee

Our signature BrainWeave® sessions encourage discussion, debate and learning in an unscripted and informal setting.

You can choose to participate in these interactive round table style sessions on topics which are top of mind issues. You will be able to select from four possible BrainWeave® topics which will be incorporated into your personal itinerary.

These intimate discussions will be moderated to ensure that the discussions stay on-course and deliver maximum benefit to you. Ask questions, share experiences, ideas and find the right answers to your immediate concerns.