Insights From our Speakers

Change Management: An Interview with MEC Chief People Experience Officer Nahal Yousefian

In this interview, Nahal discusses how her proactive approach to change management ensures alignment with business objectives while unleashing talent potential as a competitive advantage.To become more innovative and competitive, organizations need to remove barriers or what I call ‘noise.’ One of the key areas that HR as a function in its new role needs to tackle is how to make the flow of work more intuitive. In this way, staff has more time to feel inspired, creative and innovative.”

Corporate Learning Strategy: An Interview with Ranstad People Development Director Wesley Connor

As Connor explains it, laying the groundwork before the launch of Ranstad’s new learning strategy has paid dividends on the backend. “At the outset, we took time to build credibility across the organization by sitting in on meetings, getting into the business and really being seen as an advisor. Therefore, when we launched the learning strategy, we already had the emotional capital and trust in place. So, people were willing and eager to make the changes that we asked of them.”