Hayden Kornblut

Head Of University Relations Kraft Heinz

Hayden serves as the Head of University Relations for the Kraft Heinz Company, working with the top collegiate undergrads and MBAs from elite programs around the country, supporting the identification, growth, and development of these talented individuals and support their immersion into the Kraft Heinz organization. In his role, he is perfectly suited to moderate the panel Establishing a Campus Presence for Effective University Recruitment

Day Two: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

5:40 PM Establishing a Campus Presence for Effective University Recruitment

University recruitment is a staple program in corporations across the globe, but they are evolving to attract the next generation of workers, who have distinctly different drivers than their predecessors. Generation Z is more educated, diverse and much more motivated to work for a purpose than a salary, and view work as a holistic part of their life. In this session we will look how companies have revamped their approach to College and University recruitment, with positive results. In this session we will examine:

  • Identifying your hiring needs and targeting the right institutions and certification programs
  • Building a presence in campus Career Centers and Attracting Students On-Site
  • Building a schedule and deploying resources when they’re most effective
  • Creating attractive offers and effective on-boarding programs to keep to attract and keep top prospects

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