September 30 - October 02, 2019
San Diego, CA

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HR Today: Employee Engagement, Workplace Climate and Company Culture

This group was created for HR professionals or anyone who manages large teams to share and discuss everything that has to do with workplace climate and employee engagement. We could all benefit in this community by your sharing your challenges, tips, problems and success stories.How are you measuring team member... Read More

Employee Engagement

This group is open to anyone who is working on increasing employee engagement in the largest sense of the word. Topcis as engagement, leadership, communication, ... can be discussed. Read More

Employer Branding

Community of specialists in the field of employer branding: the broad range of all activities to enforce the organisational attractiveness towards talent. A group for (interactive) communication specialists, recruiters, HR, talentmanagement, organisation development, etc. Read More

Productivity Management & Improvement ( HR / HCM / EPM )

Employees are the most valuable asset in a Company. In some cases they are very motivated and productive, but in most cases, it is necessary to improve their productivity. Most companies are not measuring their employee's activity / productivity. Some don't know how to improve it.We are building this group... Read More

Employee Experience, Engagement & Workplace Culture Professionals

This group provides a platform for employee experience professionals to discuss methods of designing, influencing, and molding their employee experiences throughout their lifecycle in order to maximize engagement. Read More

Employee Engagement Professionals

Addressing the social/environment aspects of EE. Discuss topics. Share ideas. Have fun! Read More

Employee Communications and Engagement

This group is dedicated to the art and practice of employee communications and engagement. Here you can network with other internal communications and employee engagement professionals, as well as share ideas and experiences or ask questions about employee engagement. Read More

Leadership Think Tank

Leadership ThinkTank is a Community committed to collaborate for the improvement of leadership concepts and practices. Our world has entered a new era of relationship between leaders and followers, which very clearly, calls for new leaders and a new brand of Leadership in Business and Industry. Read More

HR Exchange Network

Our mission at the HR Exchange Network is to Empower the HR community with access to the latest news and resources that will keep HR professionals at the forefront of industry change. In addition to getting the latest HR news and analysis, joining the HR Exchange Network grants you access... Read More