September 30 - October 02, 2019
San Diego, CA

Workshops Day l September 30, 2019

10:00 am - 2:30 pm MASTERCLASS: Design Thinking: Turning the Employee Experience Into the Human Experience

Design Thinking has become a popular term when talking about innovative ways of working: it’s a method that is being adopted by HR to meet current employee demand. But what is Design Thinking and why is it so important to EX?

  • Learn how to use Design Thinking to change workplace dynamics
  • Know how to balance exploring multiple possibilities with disciplined thought
  • Discover the benefits of using Design Thinking in order to better understand the company’s culture and needs

Employee Experience Journey Mapping can help you better understand the specific employee journeys that need to be met and how they can be aligned with company objectives
Steven Smith, Lead Designer, Human-Centered Design Practice Team at USAA

Steven Smith

Lead Designer, Human-Centered Design Practice Team

Christine Holcombe, Senior Producer, Human-Centered Design Practice at USAA

Christine Holcombe

Senior Producer, Human-Centered Design Practice

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm LUNCH AND LEARN

In an experience economy, not only do organizations need to rethink how they create value for their customers to succeed, but they also need to rethink how they create value for the people that work in and with the organization to thrive – both in and outside of the workplace. Yes, of course, humans of the world of work by default desire to work and what working affords them, but they also desire meaningful work experiences just as much, if not more. Designing for experience is about alleviating people’s problems and bringing them ‘delight’ through an offering or offerings that should improve the quality of their lives, reduce stress and create efficiencies that did not previously exist. At its core, designing for experience involves a deep and empathetic understanding of people’s needs and the determination to improve their lives.
During the workshop, you will:
•    Be introduced to the concept of experience and orchestrating experiences
•    Gain an understanding of what human-centered design and design thinking is and how it’s used to design experiences
•    Practice the mindset of human-centered design and the design thinking methodology

Lisa Morris, Human-Centered Employee Experience Design & Service Design | Organizational Anthropology & Innovation at XPLOR

Lisa Morris

Human-Centered Employee Experience Design & Service Design | Organizational Anthropology & Innovation

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm WORKSHOP B: Organizational Transformation Challenges

Are you facing critical strategic staffing and retainment challenges during the course of organizational transformation?
Do you want to achieve greater employee commitment and less resistance to organizational transformation? Sharpen your skills and acquire new tools in this hands-on workshop designed to strategically address critical employee experiences, as they shoulder the brunt of organizational change.
12:30PM Welcome, Warm-Up
Tune-up your creativity, cultivate collaboration and cooperation as you join other like-minded employee champions in a timed team-oriented activity.
12:40PM Discover, Define, Brainstorm
Grasp the speed and velocity of the current organizational transformation landscape and strategically engage with business outcomes through
an in-depth focus on the employee’s experience. Gain confidence in your ability to positively affect the success of transformational change initiatives as you delve into the fundamentals of employee-centered design. Discover ways corporate culture impacts the success of transformational change and articulate ways to increase employee support for the new state reality
1:00PM Break
2:00PM Shape, Solve, Build
Shape employee-centered solutions that harness the power and impact that transparency has on driving business results. Build actionable plans to drive employee performance during organizational transformation by immersing in both divergent as well as convergent thinking amidst individual thought and dynamic discussions with professional-minded peers. Encounter the value of identifying and dealing with the ambiguities inherent in organizational transformation as you operate outside of a comfort zone and imagine employee-centered solutions
Catherine Cooper, Design Thinking Workshop Leader at Catherine Cooper Insights

Catherine Cooper

Design Thinking Workshop Leader
Catherine Cooper Insights