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Employee Engagement and Experience APAC
20 - 21 October 2020 

Cultivate a Compelling Employee Experience to Drive People Excellence 

The employee experience can be seen as a vehicle to help fulfill the corporate vision and achieve business success. As more employees are working from home, it is important to support your employees by connecting and empowering individuals through the organizations culture. HR Exchange: Employee Engagement and Experience APAC includes sessions with top experts in the HR field along with applicable, real-life examples of how a robust culture supports the workforce and the company’s bottom-line.  We also provide access to some of the most well-known and cutting edge solution providers to help provide technology and strategy to enhance the employee experience paradigm within your company. This FREE to attend event allows you to dial in from the comfort of your desk and listen to HR leaders live or on demand!  

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Conference Agenda

Day One | 20 Oct 2020 | Tuesday

9:00 SGT Promoting a digital workforce engagement strategy and implementation to bolster communication, connection, and a sense of value for our employees 
At Globe Telecom Philippines, we are centred strongly around engagement because the well-being of our people is crucial. We are ramping up our initiatives on mental and physical wellness and opening new doors for our employees to feel connected, valued, and recognized through two main digital engagement and recognition apps. This session will look to address: 
  • The strategy, objective, and reasons behind developing digital workforce engagement app
  • How we are looking for this app to evolve so we can look at the longer-term benefits from the report highlights and data we gain from this app
  • The strategy, objective, and reasons behind developing our digital recognition app to promote reward and recognition
Speaker: Avery Banta, HRBP Lead, Globe Telecom Philippines

10:00 SGT How can HR support the business in emergency management to protect the safety of the people, legally and morally? 
The COVID-19 crisis has given HR the opportunity to step to the forefront and really get involved with business continuity plans, especially as the HR department is the go-to department when it comes to employment policies and procedures and what to do in emergency situations. Preparing for emergencies involves evaluating your risks, determining the legal and regulatory policies, and how to manage employees, unions, vendors, and contractors, especially on a multi-employer site.
  • How can you design and communicate effective emergency management procedures?
  • How to prepare for and respond to a crisis
Understanding the importance of employee training for emergency management preparedness and ensuring consistency across the company

11:00 SGT EX driven digital transformation for the future of Human Capital Management 
People-focused digital transformation has many benefits: it simplifies the employee experience, it empowers employee mobility, and it enables optimization of facilities and services based on real-time data. It also asks for the development of a digital culture from within the business, playing a fundamental role of in increasing workforce engagement. This session will address: 
  • Developing an aligned people and digital approach, hand in hand
  • Utilising technology as an enabler - delivering enhanced services to achieve continuity in the experience between the office, the home, and other locations where people work
Understanding the power of leadership development to define and implement novel approaches to the future of work

12:00 SGT Embracing COVID-19 and focussing on workforce digital upskilling to create leaders of the future 
UTAC, a relatively young company (23 years old) built its fundamental HR processes and practices to help drive the groups vision and values to create ONE UTAC company over the last 6 years.  Our readiness to adapt to digitalisation has been accelerated by COVID-19 and we are creating opportunities for our employees to embrace and reconnect to the workplace in the absence of the office. We have turned around our traditional classroom-based L&D practices to on-line and digital learning solutions. We have readapted our strategy, products, and services to complement the employee learning experience at UTAC regionally. We have designed and implemented bite-sized learning courses incorporating blended learning approach to help balance our employees work demands. This includes e-learning courses and virtual classrooms, webinars and e-leadership assessments and coaching delivered within 2 hours over 1-2 days within a week. 
  • Rethinking, redesigning, and repositioning your value proposition to your employees
  • How do you provide an EX through remote teams?
  • Cultivating and increasing the virtual learning opportunities and lifelong learning
  • Building digital capabilities across multiple sites to develop employees now and for the future
Speaker: Sureash Kumar, Director of Corporate HR (Talent Management), UTAC Group

13:00 SGT The role of HR in building a culture to prepare the future ready organization
For decades, stability was considered as the most important dimension for organization’s success. Organisations built hierarchical structure and specialized processes by implementing the principles of scientific management (most powerful governance bodies at the top, skeletal structure is strong, but often rigid and slow moving), this helped many companies to outperform other organizations, and drew the best talent. This paradigm worked well for 70-80 years but is being challenged by:
  • Quickly evolving environment
  • Constant introduction of disruptive technology
  • Accelerating digitization and democratization of information
  • The new war for talent- creative knowledge- and learning-based tasks become more important, organizations need a distinctive value proposition to acquire—and retain—the best talent, which is often more diverse. 
As we may not have all the answers on how to deal with this new challenge, it’s very important to create an atmosphere to let employees fail and learn fast; move the decision-making power away from the skeletal structures and closer to the responsibilities (more empowerment). The key challenge lies in making organization stable and prosper in this dynamic environment and the key to this lies in being agile and be able to adapt to constant changes, to maintain sustainability of growth and prosperity for the organization. We call this Giant-Start Up Culture, which focuses on best of both the worlds.
Speaker: Rahul Kalia, CS HRBP APAC, Bayer 

Day Two | 21 Oct 2020 | Wednesday

9:00 SGT Panel Discussion: How critical is the change management in digital transformation of HR management?
Change Management is a journey of longevity and sustainability and building trust and opening all communication pathways, leading to an enhanced Employee Experience. 
Even though Asia is slightly behind the curve when it comes to implementing change, mindset, and priorities, it is imperative that HR enables change and agility to drive the culture. This panel will discuss: 

  • How to cultivate a mindset that supports and embraces healthy change and drives a sense of purpose and wellbeing
  • What practical steps can be taken to build a culture that encourages healthy change in a remote workforce?
  • What approaches in connection and communication can be taken to drive uptake in digital engagement in a pandemic?
  • Understanding the importance of the voice of the employee and the adaptability index of the organisation to do a digital transformation

Helen Snowball, CHRO APAC, JLL 
Jen Espiritu, Executive Director, HR Business Partner, DTCC
 Mahan Patil, Chief Digital Officer and Agile Transformation, Allianz

10:00 SGT Leveraging on people analytics to implement a predictive analytics model that can aid HR
in proactive strategic decision-making


Historically, analytics in HR had been largely focused on tracking basic HR metrics but over the last decade, the importance of people analytics has been recognised as critical to the future of HR to improve evidence-based decision making. The focus is more on using data to understand every part of how people impact business value and operations, embedding analytics into real-time applications and supporting the business in making data-driven decisions. This raises the question as to why people analytics has become so imperative to HR? This session will look to address:
  • Is the culture of your HR function supportive to learning and using data?
  • Generating richer data points to drive smarter decision-making and budget and labour efficiencies
Understanding the challenges surrounding the integration of data reporting and learning how to use the data to aid problem-solving

11:00 SGT People Transformation - Increasing workforce visibility and HR productivity to provide better experiences across the entire workforce
Seismic shifts in the way organisations in Asia operate, work, and manage their people are occurring and 74% of people believe that flexible working has become ‘the new normal’. Businesses are facing vast changes in the workplace and it is imperative we start adopting modern ways of working, embracing new work styles and designing better ways to engage employees as employee expectations are increasing faster than ever before. This session will look to address how to: 

  • Uncover insights on how to stay ahead and transform HR from a process focused function to a people driven business
  • Explore practical guidance and tangible steps to help you lead your HR to People transformation
  • Build better workforce experience to improve how you attract, engage, and retain top talent

12:00 SGT Fostering the development of people and communities across APAC through our graduate management strategy for long-term sustainability
One key element of Building the Workforce of the Future for Schneider Electric is strong relationships with universities to educate and equip the best and the brightest young talent to become the energy efficiency leaders of tomorrow and grow Schneider’s talent pipeline.  When the Covid-19 Crisis hit students worldwide were having internships cancelled. Schneider wanted to provide them with an opportunity to learn and get exposure and so worked quickly to launch their first Global Virtual Student Experience designed to provide students with a way to engage with Schneider Electric through e-learning and project simulations.  The Global Virtual Student Experience brought in incredible interest with 70,000 clicks, 7000 applicants, from 99 countries which led to 812 admitted.  During this session you will discover how Schneider: 
  • Reacted to the COVID-19 crisis building a Virtual Student Experience 
  • Reimagined internships and have built a longer-term virtual student internship program in Asia
  • Rolled out an internal mobility platform for the existing workforce to engage, develop and provide short term and long-term opportunities for employees across the globe
Speaker: Rita-Marie Harvey, Head of Talent Acquisition for APAC, India, Middle East & Africa and South America, Schneider Electric

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