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Infographic desrcibing the major investment priorities for CHROs in 2017-18
In what areas are the top CHROs looking to invest this year? We conducted an extensive survey and have compiled the results into one incredible infographic-- you don't want to miss this!
Want to know what CHROs of top organizations will be focusing on in 2017? This new infographic shows top priorities, investments, and more.
Infographic from the CLO Exchange in 2016
It is no secret that Learning and Development is playing a larger role in organizational success than ever before. With top talent being in high demand, the need to develop internal candidates has become vital to continued growth, innovation, and leadership. We surveyed senior-level learning and development leaders to gain insights into what their organizations are doing to accelerate their leaders of tomorrow, today.
hrss info
Take a look into the way shared services organizations are heading into the future with a three-year adoption outlook, technology spending, having the right HR tech transformation path, plans on replacing HR technologies, how the workforce is going mobile, and even more!
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Are your learning and development priorities in line with other organizations? Check out the top priorities and investments for 2016-2017 in this infographic.