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Posted: 09/19/2016

Prior to speaking at November's Chief Human Resources Officer Exchange, Susan shares her thoughts on HR’s digital transformation, HR in 2020, appification, and the digital process in this exclusive Q&A.Read more

Posted: 09/12/2016

PayPal’s Chief Learning Officer, Derek Hann talks with IQPC Exchange’s Kristen Schipfer-Barrett about the future of learning and development, organizational structure, and the rise of the gig economy.Read more

Contributor: Michael Scheno
Posted: 08/22/2016
Mike Scheno

As the Senior Vice President of GBS HR Systems & Operations at MasterCard, Lois Miller, discusses with us how an organization might gather the necessary data to build a persuasive business case and game plan for success before integration, HR processes, and more.Read more

Posted: 07/27/2016

There have been countless articles speculating that aspects of performance management are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Hitachi’s CHRO, Levent Arabaci does not fully agree with this sentiment.Read more

Posted: 07/05/2016

2020 is only four years away. Given the rates of advancement and disruption taking place across the industries, it is incredibly likely that the face of the organization will look drastically different. Talent Management Exchange speaker and Chief Talent Officer of Mindshare, Lisa Dallenbach, gives her take on the future of HR and the organization as a whole. This interview focuses on what will change, what will remain and what will shape the workplace of tomorrow.Read more

Posted: 06/27/2016

Employee engagement is a major priority of today’s HR leaders. With workforces being comprised of multiple generations and ever-evolving technologies, pinpointing motivating factors is proving to be difficult.Read more

Posted: 06/22/2016

In this insightful interview, Kimo shares his learning and development predictions for 2020; ways to prepare for the future; the biggest innovations to date; the next big thing; and his thoughts on leaders who inspire innovation.Read more

Contributor: Kristen Schipfer
Posted: 06/10/2016
Kristen Schipfer

Times are changing. For organizations to survive modern disruptions, they must adapt. One of the best ways to adapt and prepare for the uncertain future ahead is to create a growth mindset culture within your organization.Read more

Posted: 05/31/2016

Sometimes organizations need to change to survive. While change can be a scary notion, having the proper mindset, the right leadership and a strong learning strategy can take your business to a whole new level. Prior to taking the stage of August’s highly anticipated Chief Learning Officer Exchange, Andy Billings gave a few bite-sized insights into this topic. In this Q&A, Andy discusses the best first step of shifting business focus, some of the challenges and solutions to that process, the best types of leadership for continued innovation and what he is most excited about for the Exchange.Read more

Contributor: IQPC Exchange
Posted: 05/02/2016
In this Q&A, Marisa Kabasinskas Vice President of Global Business Transformation & Operations Management of Interpublic discusses best ‘first steps’ to identify optimal governance structures, common mistakes organizations make when implementing shared services, evaluating organizational governance, and IPG’s... Read more
60 results
of 6