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HR Unclassified: Revealing the Secrets of HR

Chief Human Resources Officer for Igloo Products Corp. Dr. Jeanette Winters believes HR shouldn’t be a black hole of information guarded like Fort Knox, but rather a well spring of knowledge available to all. Every month, Dr. Winters will focus on a relevant and topical HR subject and explain its intricacies so as to declassify it for HR professionals. View All Posts

People Analytics in the Real World

Data is one of the strongest and best used tools in the HR toolbox, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Chief among them is the ability to discern what the data means and to use it to direct strategy and actions. Vice president of enterprise surveys and analytics Sarah Johnson writes about the use of data from an organizational standpoint and how it can be and should be used daily. Additionally, Johnson provides real life examples where data was utilized to achieve success. View All Posts