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People Analytics in the Real World

Data is one of the strongest and best used tools in the HR toolbox, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Chief among them is the ability to discern what the data means and to use it to direct strategy and actions. Vice president of enterprise surveys and analytics Sarah Johnson writes about the use of data from an organizational standpoint and how it can be and should be used daily. Additionally, Johnson provides real life examples where data was utilized to achieve success. View All Posts

The Pillars of Leadership

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. The same can be said for leadership. The effectiveness of an organization’s leaders will decide its fate; the organization will either thrive or fail. In this column, Miranda Hanes with Hogan Assessment will take an in-depth look at the foundational compents of leadership. View All Posts

Walk & Talk with John Whitaker

John Whitaker is the VP of Talent Acquisition for DentalOne Partners. His one-on-one with team members often include a short walk rather than staying in an office setting. In this column, Whitaker takes a similar approach as he writes about talent acquisition-related issues and hot topics in the HR space.
The Learning Curve
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