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Larry Brand headshot
The future of talent is vast and ever changing. It’s something Elkay Manufacturing CHRO Larry Brand follows closely. He talks about everything from talent management to the generational divide in the workforce and succession planning.
Employee engagement with hands
Social media continues to change the world, especially that of human resources. It plays a part in many different facets of the space including employee engagement. Vishal Bhalla, the chief experience officer for Parkland Health and Hospital System, talks about how his company uses the technology.
Blockchain with index finger
HR thought leader Tim Sackett discusses Blockchain technology and its HR applications.
HR button on a computer keyboard
What used to be viewed by many as one of the least exciting areas of an organization is now one of the most dynamic places to work. Human resources is evolving into more than just hiring and firing and having a huge impact on the employee experience and the future of work.
Professional Development for a Business Team in a Company
HR professionals are always looking for the best talent. That includes looking inside and outside the company. In the case of Cox Communications, the essential worker classified as a high potential employee, or HiPo for short.
Ron Edwards headshot
Young professionals make up a significant amount of the workforce. It’s a group of people MassMutual AVP of Talent Management is passionate about engaging with the moment they walk in the door.
Blockchain written on a silver keyboard
Blockchain. It's a new technology, and it is going to disrupt HR. Some thought leaders expect that to happen within the next 18-24 months. HR professionals should expect hiring to take the first blow.
Government Building
I recently participated in an interesting discussion where we looked at talent requirements for parts of the federal government. The discussion was more about availability of talent than about the government’s ability to compete.
Blue FitBit on Counter Top
Wearables are no longer a novelty, but increasingly a must-have accessory for everyone from sports fanatics to fashionistas.
Rightly so, most HR leaders are concerned with the ever-increasing pressure to attract, motivate, engage and retain its employees, especially those high potential and key management ones.
954 article results
of 96