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Is a perspective employee's "fit" more important than his or her résumé? HR professionals may ask what is "fit"? It refers to the ability of the perspective employee to fit into the workforce and embody most of if not all the qualities an employer expects the employee to have in place.
Leadership PSCulture
Today’s workforce is literally begging for authenticity, respect, transparency and even vulnerability from its leaders. Unfortunately, leaders often have the misperception that they must always be strong and full of answers as the sole decision makers.
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Onboarding is critical to the employee experience. It’s one of the first real opportunities to embrace a new hire and give the person a first impression that will live throughout the employee life cycle.
Employee engagement
HR professionals have started to realize that job satisfaction isn’t enough for people to unlock their potential value to an organization. As a result, businesses have started to work on improving employee engagement because of the increasing understanding that deeper employee engagement leads to higher productivity and improves the overall lifetime value of their people. In this article, Qualtrics SME Steve Bennetts breaks down the key variables of employee engagement, how to drive participation, and survey best practices.
The HR Exchange Network is producing its first online event, HR Tech Online Summit North America. It’s geared toward the latest trends in HR technology. It will also include thought provoking testimonies from global companies.
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With seven successful Exchanges in 2017, the CLO Exchange Series brought together an incredible lineup of change makers that are transforming the future of workplace Learning.
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Creating an innovative workplace culture is riddled with challenges. When taking on the project transforming your company’s workplace culture into that of an innovative culture, the first challenge is making innovation a strategic imperative and a core competency.
Mason Stevenson is the editor of the HR Exchange Network. He conducted research in to the disruptive transformation of technology on Human Resources. A survey was conducted as part of the research. Learn how HR professionals are viewing technology, what trends are getting more attention than others, and how members of the HR community are using technology in their respective companies.
Transformation of Talent Management Cover
The following is the presentation made by HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson at the Chief Talent Officer Exchange. It was held in Orlando, FL on March 18-20, 2018.
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Malcolm Gladwell, a staff writer for The New Yorker, said, “We don’t know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, so we don’t always appreciate their fragility.” In terms of employees and employers, the clarity of the statement is strong. The fragility of first impressions isn’t always appreciated.
966 article results
of 97