Leveraging Social Capital with Michael Arena Posts

In today’s rapidly changing world, General Motors’ Chief Talent Officer Michael Arena says it is essential that organization’s hire the smartest, most capable people possible. There should be little doubt that human capital is a firm’s greatest asset. However, this isn’t enough. Organizations must also ensure that individuals are relationally positioned for optimal success. In other words, bringing in the best people is only part of the solution. Firms must also bring out the best in people. To do this entails a new frontier, unleashing social capital potential.
Diversity at the Core of the Network
Published: 2019-09-18
Diversity is critical to the development of resilience in organizations and bottom-line results across time. Contributor Dr. Michael Arena uses organizational network analysis to empirically prove the importance of diversity.
It has been well recorded disengaged employees are more likely to quit than engaged ones. However, employee engagement is lagging an immediate measurement: network energy!
Leveraging Social Capital
Published: 2019-02-05
Leveraging social capital is a must for all firms. Put simply, human capital is a firm’s greatest asset, and organizations must also ensure individuals are relationally positioned for success.