Top 10 Learning Technologies

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Learning continues to present challenges for human resources and learning professionals.

The workforce does not resemble what it once did. More and more millennials are filling out the employee ranks with the next generation, Generation Z, right on their coat tails. Both are looking for opportunities that offer personal and professional development. But even with the changes, much of the workforce still includes baby boomers and Generation X employees.  They, too, want to continue to grow and develop.  And, of course, company leadership wants the business to be successful. 

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Additionally, there are more jobs than there are people creating a never-before seen labor shortage for companies and organizations.

In an attempt to bring in new talent, HR is pulling out the stops on being attractive and competitive in the war for talent.  Leaders are adding new technologies, expanding on a new digitally enabled learning and development environment.  Employees want access to cutting-edge and/or mobile technology such as gamification, virtual reality and video learning.

In the infographic below, the HR Exchange Network shares the top three technologies chief learning officers are investing and what technologies are getting more attention from learning and development professionals.



Top 10 Learning Technologies by Mason Stevenson

Image Courtesy:  Pexels


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