Top 20 L&D Leaders on Twitter

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Social media networks are the fastest way to share content.  Chief among them:  Twitter.  From an HR and learning leader perspective, Twitter has become an important pathway for connecting with an receiving insights and other content such as articles, reports and surveys from top Learning & Development professionals and thought leaders.

With that in mind, the HR Exchange Network Editorial Team has pulled together who they believe provide the best content for our readers.  NOTE:  The list is in no particular order.

Top 20 Learning Leaders

  1. Josh Bersin – Josh Bersin doesn’t just discuss learning and development, but a plethora of topics that fall under the human resources umbrella. He is considered one of the top thought leaders in the space.
  2. Patti Shank – Patti Shank just authored a book series that focuses on improving learning outcomes. Her target is to simplify learning so it is easy to understand and to apply in the workplace.
  3. Dan Rockwell – Dan Rockwell is known for his practical knowledge on learning, development and leadership. He also writes about the topics on his blog:  Leadership Freak.
  4. Martin Couzins – Martin Couzins focuses on learning technology. He also dabbles in content in the social learning and engagement spaces.
  5. Clive Shepherd – Like Couzins, Clive Shepherd also blogs about technology and how it can be applied to learning and development in the workplace. Shepherd is considered one of the top thought leaders in the United Kingdom when it comes to this particular topic.
  6. Jane Hart – Jane Hart is the author behind the Learning in the Social Workplace There she writes about issues within learning and development.  She also speaks about the topic and is the founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.
  7. Dan Pontefract – Dan Pontefract focuses on leadership strategy. He also tweets about productivity and employee engagement.
  8. Meghan M. Biro - Meghan Biro is the founder of #Tchat World of Work Community. For her followers, she provides mountains of information on a variety of HR-related topics, including learning.
  9. Steve Wheeler – Steve Wheeler is a self-proclaimed edupunk. He’s also an author and speaker.  His blog, Learning with ‘e’s, focuses on the disruption of technology as well as the applying digital media in education and training.
  10. Jane Bozarth – Jane Bozarth defines herself as the world’s oldest millennial. She also wrote a book entitled Social Media for Trainers, E-Learning Solutions of a Shoestring.  She also blogs about topics in the learning space and provides reads with actionable eLearning tips.
  11. Connie Malamad – Connie Malamad shares strategies, resources and content in the eLearning space on her blog, the eLearning Coach. She also provides product reviews.
  12. Clark Quinn – Clark Quinn, or the Quinnovator, knows all about learning technology and the strategy involved. He is referred to by some as a learning experience architect and strategist.
  13. Donald Clark – Donald Clark boast more than 30 years in the online learning business. He’s also a blogger and a speaker and has won awards for designing and implementing eLearning solutions.
  14. Kate Graham – Kate Graham knows everything there is to know about learning and development and she’s still learning more everyday. She tweets and writes about learning, HR, and the future of work.
  15. Marcus O’Donnell – Marcus O’Donnell is part of Deakin University. He is in charge of digital innovation and support.  He is a big supporter of digital literacy in the workplace and spends a lot of time discussing learning environments.
  16. Julie Dirksen – Julie Dirksen refers to herself as a learning geek. She authored Design for How People Learn.  Dirksen is also an instructional designer with experience in creating eLearning programs.
  17. Mike Taylor – Mike Taylor is an avid blogger. On Friday, he releases his “Friday Finds” which is a best in class for content in the Learning and Development space including instructional design.
  18. David Green – David Green mostly focuses on people analytics, but the information he shares can be used to better support your organization. He also releases a Data Driven HR newsletter which includes resources on how to improve analytics efforts, including those in learning.
  19. David Kelly – Another David to tell you about – David Kelly. He is a “lover of all things learning.”  He discusses social learning and also focuses on what is needed to support learning.
  20. Bianca Woods – Bianca Woods is an instructional technologist who loves to tweet about learning technology, educational media, learning and development and design. She also writes about the topic on her blog, e-Geeking.

Who did we miss?

According to Twitter, there are around 326 million monthly active Twitter users.  On any given day, 500 million tweets are sent.  There’s a lot of information swirling around the platform.  We definitely missed someone that should be on this list. 

That’s where you come in.

We’d love to hear who you think should be included. Make sure to tweet us who you think missed.  If you’re not already, please follow our Twitter page:  @Exchange_HR.