Corporate Learning

For Human Resources, the future of learning has reached a crossroads.  Become agile and innovative or lose.  And there’s a lot to be lost:  talent, business, and the competitive advantage are just a few.  The war for talent is getting more and more perilous.  The workforce includes four different generations and each generation has different needs, but all of them share a common desire for learning and development.  At the same time company leadership wants the business to remain successful and profitable, a challenge made difficult by the thinning talent ranks. It’s for these reasons learning must be a primary focus for HR.  But moreover, the strategy must address the needs of the employee while also creating and ensuring critical business success.

HR Exchange Live:  Corporate Learning, a premiere online event produced by the HR Exchange Network, addresses those challenges.  The event includes sessions with top experts in the learning field along with applicable, real-life examples of how a robust learning culture supports the workforce and the company’s bottom-line.  HR Exchange Live:  Corporate Learning – September 17-18, 2019.  Register for free.