How to Fire an Employee

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Termination_Angry boss dismissing employee for bad underperformance

While there is no data that could be found, it is reasonable to say firing an employee is the least favorite thing to do for the majority of HR professionals.  That makes sense because no employee wants to be fired.  No matter how well the communication has been between HR and the employee, termination almost always seem to be a shock to the system for all parties involved.

How to Fire an Employee Legally

Once the decision has been made, firing an employee may take longer than expected given the circumstances around the act.  There are multiple parts to consider such as:

  • The legality of the termination
  • The security of the company after the termination
    • access to email
    • keys
    • office supplies
  • Property that may be involved in the termination
    • Phones
    • Laptops
    • credit cards
  • How to fire an employee nicely and respectfully

In the infographic below, a checklist is provided on how to fire an employee.

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