Day Two

9:00 am - 10:00 am SGT Panel Discussion: How Critical Is the Change Management in Digital Transformation of HR Management?

Helen Snowball - CHRO APAC, JLL
Jen Espiritu - Executive Director, HR Business Partner, DTCC
Mahan Patil - Chief Digital Officer and Agile Transformation, Allianz

Change Management is a journey of longevity and sustainability and building trust and opening all communication pathways, leading to an enhanced Employee Experience.

Even though Asia is slightly behind the curve when it comes to implementing change, mindset, and priorities, it is imperative that HR enables change and agility to drive the culture. This panel will discuss:

  • How to cultivate a mindset that supports and embraces healthy change and drives a sense of purpose and wellbeing
  • What practical steps can be taken to build a culture that encourages healthy change in a remote workforce?
  • What approaches in connection and communication can be taken to drive uptake in digital engagement in a pandemic?
  • Understanding the importance of the voice of the employee and the adaptability index of the organisation to do a digital transformation 

Helen Snowball



Jen Espiritu

Executive Director, HR Business Partner


Mahan Patil

Chief Digital Officer and Agile Transformation

10:00 am - 11:00 am SGT Fostering the Development of People and University Communities Across APAC for Long-Term Sustainability

Rita-Marie Harvey - Head of Talent Acquisition for APAC, India, Middle East & Africa and South America, Schneider Electric

One key element of Building the Workforce of the Future for Schneider Electric is strong relationships with universities to educate and equip the best and the brightest young talent to become the energy efficiency leaders of tomorrow and grow Schneider’s talent pipeline. When the Covid-19 Crisis hit students worldwide were having internships cancelled. Schneider wanted to provide them with an opportunity to learn and get exposure and so worked quickly to launch their first Global Virtual Student Experience designed to provide students with a way to engage with Schneider Electric through e-learning and project simulations. The Global Virtual Student Experience brought in incredible interest with 70,000 clicks, 7000 applicants, from 99 countries which led to 812 admitted. During this session you will discover how Schneider:

  • Reacted to the COVID-19 crisis building a Virtual Student Experience 
  • Reimagined internships and have built a longer-term virtual student internship program in Asia
  • Rolled out an internal mobility platform for the existing workforce to engage, develop and provide short term and long-term opportunities for employees across the globe 

Rita-Marie Harvey

Head of Talent Acquisition for APAC, India, Middle East & Africa and South America
Schneider Electric

11:00 am - 12:00 pm SGT The Role of HR in Building a Culture to Prepare the Future Ready Organization

Rahul Kalia - Head of HR APAC, Crop Science Division, Bayer

For decades, stability was considered as the most important dimension for organization’s success. Organisations built hierarchical structure and specialized processes by implementing the principles of scientific management (most powerful governance bodies at the top, skeletal structure is strong, but often rigid and slow moving), this helped many companies to outperform other organizations, and drew the best talent. This paradigm worked well for 70-80 years but is being challenged by:

  • Quickly evolving environment
  • Constant introduction of disruptive technology
  • Accelerating digitization and democratization of information
  • The new war for talent- creative knowledge- and learning-based tasks become more important, organizations need a distinctive value proposition to acquire—and retain—the best talent, which is often more diverse.

 As we may not have all the answers on how to deal with this new challenge, it’s very important to create an atmosphere to let employees fail and learn fast; move the decision-making power away from the skeletal structures and closer to the responsibilities (more empowerment). The key challenge lies in making organization stable and prosper in this dynamic environment and the key to this lies in being agile and be able to adapt to constant changes, to maintain sustainability of growth and prosperity for the organization. We call this Giant-Start Up Culture, which focuses on best of both the worlds.


Rahul Kalia

Head of HR APAC, Crop Science Division