Day One

7:00 am - 8:00 am SGT Fireside Chat: Re-inventing How Employees Engage and Connect at Coles

Camille McMahon - Head of People & Culture, Coles
Clyde Fernandez - Regional Sales Director, Platform, CPQ & Quip, Salesforce

When your Human Capital Management system is 15 years old and stuck together with 42 different systems, you know it’s time to take a look at better ways to engage and connect with your employees.

Attend this session to learn how Camille and the Coles HR team re-invented how employees engage and connect with the HR function. In this fireside chat we will learn about the relationship between business and IT, the secret recipe for success, along with why Salesforce was ultimately selected as a key part of the solution. Camille will also share her insights into key lessons, as well as discuss the importance of ‘trust’, particularly in a COVID era, as an underlying, yet unspoken, principle that underpinned the success of this project.


Camille McMahon

Head of People & Culture


Clyde Fernandez

Regional Sales Director, Platform, CPQ & Quip

9:00 am - 10:00 am SGT Promoting a Digital Workforce Engagement Strategy and Implementation to Bolster Communication, Connection, and a Sense of Value for Our Employees

Avery Banta - HRBP Lead, Globe Telecom Philippines

At Globe Telecom Philippines, we are centred strongly around engagement because the well-being of our people is crucial. We are ramping up our initiatives on mental and physical wellness and opening new doors for our employees to feel connected, valued, and recognized through two main digital engagement and recognition apps. This session will look to address:

  • The strategy, objective, and reasons behind developing digital workforce engagement app
  • How we are looking for this app to evolve so we can look at the longer-term benefits from the report highlights and data we gain from this app
  • The strategy, objective, and reasons behind developing our digital recognition app to promote reward and recognition

Avery Banta

Globe Telecom Philippines

10:00 am - 11:00 am SGT Reimaging the way we work: Keeping employees engaged, empowered and efficient

Meiyea Neo - Director, HR, APAC, Zendesk
Matt Daley - Director, Finance Optimisation, Zendesk

Employees expect the same kind of service at work as they do with the brands they love: personalised, efficient and convenient. While most companies understand the business case for meeting customer expectations, creating a rich employee experience is just as important for a company’s long-term success especially in these unique times. Afterall, happy employees equal happy customers - it’s that simple.


Join our experts to discuss best practices for rolling-out, scaling up and delivering an employee experience that ultimately drives success in a distributed world, including how to:

·        Empower your teams with technology to enable cross-functional collaboration

·        Optimize operations through data analytics to enhance productivity

·        Foster and sustain a thriving team culture

This session will finish with five top tips to enhance EX. 


Meiyea Neo

Director, HR, APAC


Matt Daley

Director, Finance Optimisation

11:00 am - 12:00 pm SGT Embracing COVID-19 and Focussing on Workforce Digital Upskilling to Create Leaders of the Future

Sureash Kumar - Director of Corporate HR, UTAC Group

UTAC, a relatively young company (23 years old) built its fundamental HR processes and practices to help drive the groups vision and values to create ONE UTAC company over the last 6 years. Our readiness to adapt to digitalisation has been accelerated by COVID-19 and we are creating opportunities for our employees to embrace and reconnect to the workplace in the absence of the office. We have turned around our traditional classroom-based L&D practices to on-line and digital learning solutions. We have readapted our strategy, products, and services to complement the employee learning experience at UTAC regionally. We have designed and implemented bite-sized learning courses incorporating blended learning approach to help balance our employees work demands. This includes e-learning courses and virtual classrooms, webinars and e-leadership assessments and coaching delivered within 2 hours over 1-2 days within a week.

  • Rethinking, redesigning, and repositioning your value proposition to your employees
  • How do you provide an EX through remote teams?
  • Cultivating and increasing the virtual learning opportunities and lifelong learning
  • Building digital capabilities across multiple sites to develop employees now and for the future 

Sureash Kumar

Director of Corporate HR
UTAC Group