Reimagining Pay to Drive Success in the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

The workplace is set to look different in a post-pandemic world and the employee experience is likely to follow, including the way employees are paid.

This webinar will take place on:
July 28, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

The workplace as we know it has changed forever. One of the key changes that has occurred is the way we work. Specifically, the idea of the workplace as we once knew it has been shattered. As we begin reopening, companies have the unique opportunity to re-evaluate their practices and to do things better.

As HR teams are challenged to find new ways to operate smarter and more efficiently, they’ll look for innovative ways to implement sturdy, no-cost solutions that their employees will love.

Pay has traditionally been thought of merely as a transactional effort, but it actually can be a strategic lever. Every organization can take advantage of an improved pay experience to drive cost savings and efficiency, and increase productivity, while simultaneously helping employees feel financially secure and empowered, especially during this time.

Key takeaways include: 

  • Recognize why a pay experience is at the forefront of the “new normal” and the future of work
  • Understand how employees are managing financial stress
  • Get ideas on how to create an employee experience that rebuilds trust and reduces turnover.



Jeanniey Mullen
Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer

Jeanniey Mullen is an award-winning, entrepreneurial Chief Marketing Officer who uses innovation to transform the way companies work to accelerate growth and brand impact. Currently, she is the CMO of DailyPay and transforming the employee payday. Mullen believes success can only be achieved when you start with a foundation of an authentic, inspirational and relatable customer experience, and marry that foundation to the latest advances in technology.

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