12 Memes to Make Any Talent Acquisition Professional Laugh

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Talent Acquisition laughs

Laughter really is the best medicine.

A recent poll from Gallup shows that a significant portion of the workforce is struggling with feelings of burnout and disengagement. There are no shortage of articles out there telling you how to combat burnout for yourself and, if you’re in a managerial or executive position, for your employees. But sometimes the answer isn’t quite as serious as a conversation about mental health or providing company-wide days off, though those are important considerations.

Sometimes, you just need a reason to laugh. As the weekend beckons, we here at the HR Exchange Network would like to help you end the week on a lighter note, particularly if you’re working in talent acquisition arena, which is experiencing some pretty unique challenges right now. In that spirit, we’ve taken a dive into the world of memes and come out with 12 we think might just give you a chuckle to kick off your weekend.

1. The Detailed Job Description 

2. When I Call You Never Seem to Be Home


3. Don't Let the Stress Get to You


4. Just Find Someone on LinkedIn 

5. Ummm... I'm Gonna Need You to Go Ahead and Find Candidates


6. We're Looking for Someone with More Experience

7. You Missed a Spot


8. Where Do You Think You're Going?

9. You Don't Want to Know

10. First Impressions are Everything


11. Please Be a Thank You Note

12. Have a Good Week.... End....

Got any favorite talent acquisition memes of your own? Share them with us on Twitter!

Photo Courtesy of Pexels