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Finding the right workplace culture is a lot like finding the right employee for the company.  It’s partly about “fit” and partly about company success among other things.  The challenge, though, lies not in just putting a culture in place, but working on it constantly and being agile in its implementation.

When it comes to researching culture, human resources professionals look everywhere for the latest information on the topic.  Chief among those is a look at the latest trends and thought leadership on the topic.  Below, the HR Exchange Network has compiled a list of ten thought leaders or influencers you should follow on Twitter.  These professionals are top-in-class when it comes to the topic and provide valuable information for HR professionals to consider when approaching culture initiatives.

NOTE:  These are in no particular order.

Top 10 Workplace Culture Influencers on Twitter (H1)

  1. Francine Katsoudas

Francine Katsoudas is a senior vice president and Chief People Officer for Cisco.  She tweets about several different topics that can fall under the workplace culture umbrella including diversity and inclusion and the way in which her organization is supporting its employees.  Additionally, Katsoudas tweets about ways the company culture supports the overall global community.

  1. David D’Souza

David D’Souza is an expert in organizational development, digital HR, HR technology, engagement, and culture. He is also a frequent speaker and writer. On Twitter, he provides great insights, and if you’re looking for it, a fair amount of humor as well. D’Souza is Head of CIPD London and Engagement.

  1. Holly Branson

Holly Branson is the Chair of Virgin Unite for Virgin.  She is also the daughter of Sir. Richard Branson.  Branson is very active on social media sharing thoughts via Twitter about culture as well as thoughts on creating an inclusive working environment.

  1. Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler describes herself as an expert on the science of motivation, personal and professional development.  She is also an author on the topic.  Others areas she tweets about includes mindfulness and the benefit of making sure employees are connected.

  1. David Kovacovich

David Kovacovich is a leading thought leader in the employee engagement space. To his followers he provides some of the latest science-driven thinking on the topic. He also writes a blog that covers several topic areas including hiring and exit process and culture.

  1. Janet Fouts

Janet Fouts is a human potential facilitator at  She’s a speaker, coach and author.  Fouts tweets a lot about workplace culture specifically focusing on the multigenerational aspect of the topic plus communication and leadership.

  1. Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks is a blogger and podcaster who has been known to chat about culture and talent.  In addition, Eubanks discusses a lot of HR tech topics including artificial intelligence.

  1. Liz Weber

Liz Weber describes herself as a consultant, speaker and author in strategic planning, leadership development and succession planning.  In addition to those topics, she also tweets about the workplace culture sharing her own thoughts and content from others.

  1. Monica Phillips

Monica Phillips is all about workplace culture looking for ways to make sure it is more diverse and welcoming.  She shares a lot of anecdotes and some inspirational thoughts about how to go about culture.

  1. Lance Haun

Lance Haun writes and tweets about HR policy and recruitment. He’s also written about employer brand, vulnerability at work and culture.

Who did we miss?

There are a lot of social media sites available these days each of them providing a window in to the minds of some great thought leaders and influences.  There are so many, in fact, we barely scratched the surface with our list.

With that said, we’d like to hear from you.  Who did we miss?  Make sure to tweet us who you think we missed.  If you’re not already, please follow our Twitter page:  @Exchange_HR


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