Deliver Feedback as a Gift People Actually Want to Receive

We’ve all heard it: “Feedback is a gift!” (Insert eye roll here.) Let’s explore how we all can deliver feedback as a gift people actually want to receive, unwrap and use

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We’ve all heard it: “Feedback is a gift!”  And there is no lack of opportunity to receive it whether it is good or bad.  In some instances, it will be feedback you ask for personally, maybe from a trusted co-worker or a respected leader.  Other times, it’s feedback you did not solicit and did not want to receive.  That said it’s not always a bad thing.  Honest feedback should be valued. 

As humans, we have a real proclivity for getting upset or defensive when we receive feedback.  Sometimes, we translate that into a negative.  For example, maybe the person giving the feedback does not like you.  The question has to be asked:  why would someone who doesn’t like you offer you feedback, especially if that feedback is honest and useful?

In her next HR Exchange Network webinar, Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson explores how we all can deliver feedback as a gift people actually want to receive, unwrap and use.

Benefits from the presentation include:

  1. Discovering why so many people reject the feedback they receive.
  2. Hearing a listening exercise that illuminates the difference between effective feedback and ineffective feedback.
  3. Learning how coaching and feedback work together to move people into productive action.


Dianna Anderson

Dianna Anderson, MCC, is the CEO of Cylient, and the creator of Cylient’s unique, systematic approach for instilling coaching cultures—what Cylient calls Change-Able® organizations. The Coaching in the Moment® approach that Dianna created has enabled thousands of people, worldwide, to integrate coaching approaches into any conversation with anyone, at any time, in order to build connections and co-create new ways of thinking and working together.

Forbes calls Dianna a pioneer in the creation of coaching cultures. She recognized the transformational power of coaching as a leadership style in the early 90’s when she began her coaching career as one of the first graduates of Coach U. She’s worked passionately since then to realize her vision of making coaching a way of life for the world. 

Dianna is the co-author of Coaching that Counts, which offers a compelling business case for individual coaching in organizations. She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation and holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, Canada.