Cracking the Code to High Potentials: A simple formula on how to engage and retain your best talent

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As part of the rich history on the topic of identifying and developing ‘high potential’ employees, literally thousands of books, articles, and research papers have been written.  Considering this weight of research, “pet theories” abound, with as many different ideas on how and what to do as there are HR leaders in different organizations.  Join Dr. Henryk Krajewski, a recognized leader in BOTH the research and practice of talent assessment and development to share a unifying view of what matters most in selecting – and keeping – the best talent.  Dr. Krajewski will distinguish what matters from what doesn’t, dispel popular myths about talent, and help you focus in on winning strategies that will help you attract and retain “differentiated” talent.  Specific learning objectives include:

  • Learning to use compelling “business-language” conversations about the importance of top talent.
  • Which assessment methods and tests are research supported, and an analysis of those that aren’t.
  • What empirical research says about the factors proven to attract high potentials.
  • Gaining knowledge and familiarity with the age-old psychological data that has simply been “recycled” time and time again in popular books re: engagement.
  • How to use technology to make all of this easier!
Henryk Krajewski President Anderson Leadership Group