Top 20 HR Leaders to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is engrained in our society.  It’s one of the quickest ways to get information.  It’s so fast, in fact, a person can tap on a single article and before they’ve finished reading it, 20-30 updates have been pushed out from multiple sources on that topic and others. 

Just as it is fast, Twitter can be equally messy.  That’s not a negative comment.  It’s just difficult sometimes to sort out the clutter.  That’s what this article attempts to do.  The HR Exchange Network has curated the top 20 HR leaders to follow on Twitter.  These individuals are top in class when it comes to tracking HR trends and strategies.  They are influential thought leaders in the space and have a keen mind for sharing content that every HR professional needs to read especially around HR technology, culture recruitment and more.

Twitter Top 20 HR Leaders

NOTE:  These accounts are in no particular order.

  1. @HRCurator – Dave Millner is the man behind HR Curator. His daily content shares are designed to help the HR professional keep a finger on the pulse of human resources.  To be more specific, the content Millner curates is meant to raise more awareness around HR and to help professionals deliver more to their respective workforces.  As of last check, HR Curator  boasts more than 22,000 followers.
  2. @Rob_Briner– Rob Briner is a professor at Queen Mary University of London. In 2012, he was listed as one of HR’s most influential HR thinkers in the United Kingdom. He is brutally honest about his opinions. His tweets are both powerful and informative and usually explore an alternative approach to people management. He also provides plenty of research and evidence for his statements.
  3. @beneubanks – Want to know everything there is to know about artificial intelligence and HR? Look to Ben Eubanks.  In addition to talking about HR tech, he also tweets about talent and culture.  Eubanks is also a blogger and podcaster.
  4. @MeghanMBiro– Meghan Biro is the founder of #Tchat World of Work Community. It’s one of the most popular Twitter chats available. It covers anything and everything to do with talent management. She’s also the CEO of TalentCulture and is a regular contributor to Forbes and the Huffington Post.
  5. @billkutik – When you’re looking for the latest HR management trends, Bill Kutik should be one of your first stops. He’s also a fan of technology, so followers should expect tweets on both topics.  Kutik is also a tech columnist and the host of “Firing Line.”
  6. @DavidKovacovich – David Kovacovich is a leading thought leader in the employee engagement space. To his followers he provides some of the latest science-driven thinking on the topic. He also writes a blog that covers several topic areas including hiring and exit process and culture.
  7. @AlizaLicht – Aliza Licht is on top of the leading HR trends. Her 20,000+ followers find her both funny and insightful.  Her book has been ranked as one of the top 40 career development books of all time.
  8. @kris_dunn – Kris Dunn focuses a lot of his attention on HR management, similarly to Bill Kutik. He also tweets about recruitment and hiring. Dunn is the founder of Fistful of Talent and HR Capitalist.  At last check, Dunn has more than 43,000 followers.
  9. @RealEvilHRLady – Suzanne Lucas is the person behind the Real Evil HR Lady persona. She offers frank information about human resources and is not shy about taking on any issue no matter how repugnant.  If you want real insights on equally-real challenges facing HR, join her 27,000+ followers.
  10. @sharlyn_lauby – Sharlyn Lauby is a blogger. We’ve actually written about her blog before: the ever popular HR Bartender. Lauby, once a human resources professional, now spends her professional days has a speaker and consultant in the space. She always tweets practical and applicable HR suggestions.
  11. @TrishMcFarlane – If you’ve heard of HR Happy Hour, then you’ve heard of its host Trish McFarlane. In addition to the podcast, McFarlane also tweets about analytics, human capital management, talent and recruiting.
  12. @SteveBoese -- Steve Boese has had a very active career. He’s an author, speaker, and teacher… all within the human resources space. He excels as an expert in HR technology. He hosts a weekly HR Happy Hour show which is among one of the most downloaded HR podcasts.
  13. @thelance – Lance Haun writes and tweets about HR policy and recruitment. He’s also written about employer brand, vulnerability at work and culture.
  14. @RobinSchooling – Robin Schooling has 32,500 Twitter followers. She’s a self-described HR leader, lover, speaker, writer and advocate of the Workplace Revolution.  Through her content, she offers advice on human resources and wants to “humanize” HR.
  15. @joningham– Jon Ingham has often been considered one of the leading individuals when it comes to innovation, technology, and talent management within the human resources space. He is a writer with several pieces of work to his credit. He is also well versed in the digital HR space as a blogger and contributor. He is also known for tips and advice on managing the employee lifecycle.
  16. @LaszloBock– Laszlo Bock is the former SVP of People Operations at Google. He is also an author. From him, expect tweets on leadership, advice, and HR inspiration.
  17. @jcmeister -- Jeanne Meister is almost always a head of the curve when talking about trends in the HR space and the future of work. She’s an expert in digital HR and HR technology especially where social media is involved. She’s won numerous awards and for her writing. She has great future of work insights and strategies for the modern workplace.
  18. @JMillerMerrell – Jessica Merrell is the founder of Workology and the host of its podcast. Much of her work focuses on Generation Z and their impact on the workplace.  She also discusses future HR technologies and diversity.  She’s been named a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power User.
  19. @jimstroud – Jim Stroud is an author, blogger, and speaker. He focuses on human resources, recruiting and job search strategy.  Stroud is based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  20. @LouA – Lou Adler has been called the original headhunter. His organization, the Adler Group, has trained more than 40,000 recruiters and hiring managers.  He’s an author as well with some of his books being on Amazon’s bestseller list.  From his Twitter account, followers can expect tips on hiring smarter and information on steps HR professionals can take in improving recruitment methods.

Who did we miss?

According to Twitter, there are around 326 million monthly active Twitter users.  On any given day, 500 million tweets are sent.  There’s a lot of information swirling around the platform.  We definitely missed someone that should be on this list. 

That’s where you come in.

We’d love to hear who you think should be included. Make sure to tweet us who you think missed.  If you’re not already, please follow our Twitter page:  @Exchange_HR .