2020 Hindsight Brings 2021 into Focus: What We Need to Do Today to Thrive Tomorrow

As you prepare for what lies ahead in 2021, it's important to apply the lessons learned in 2020 to ensure success. Join leaders from Kaplan as they examine the impacts of the four D's: disruption, digitalization, disengagement and diversity.

This webinar will take place on:
December 01, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

The pandemic has brutally exposed the skills gap between traditional work and what is required in a digital economy - a future that has been termed the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’.  It’s a future that will require new ways of working: encompassing both new technologies and age-old human skills, such as leadership and teamwork.

The impact of the Coronavirus on our businesses has made clear that we need to be able to manage the current situation and simultaneously invest in the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to thrive in the workplace of 2021 and beyond.

Join Dr Ian Stewart, Executive Director of Learning, and Andrea Zimmerman, VP of Leadership & Professional Development from Kaplan Performance Academy as they discuss the effects of the 4Ds: Disruption, Digital, Disengagement and Diversity, the lessons we learnt in 2020 and what we need to do in 2021.

  • Disruption. At every level - macroeconomic, industry and organization - our businesses have been fundamentally disrupted: logistics, operations, finance, HR have all had to reshape themselves. Things will not go back to as they were. How will we manage that?
  • Digital. The migration to digital has been fast but not always smooth. How can we learn to manage, to mentor, to collaborative, to create, to sell better online?
  • Disengagement. The experiences of employees - furloughed, endured pay cuts, seen colleagues lose their jobs - makes the need for renewed shared purpose and common purpose more relevant than ever before. How do we create shared purpose in a fragmented, remote business?
  • Diversity. Our societies demand a more inclusive and diverse workplace; our businesses’ commercial success will rest on our ability to meet this demand. How do we become truly inclusive?

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Dr. Ian Stewart
Executive Director of Learning
Andrea Zimmerman
Vice President, Leadership and Professional Development
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