Lessons from a CHRO Posts

Eric Torigian is the vice president of US HR and assistant general manager of global HR for Akebono Brake USA. His column, Lessons from a CHRO, focuses on leadership and how to drive the people agenda, culture and results.
Recruiting in the current labor market is challenging, but it can be done. HR Exchange Network columnist Eric Torigian lays out four rules to help you find the best talent.
51% of working parents report some level of back-to-school work interference. Columnist Eric Torigian explains how a thoughtful talent management strategy can support parents during this time.
Hiring managers have a singular question about technology: how do we find the right people to solve a business need and how do we find the right role? Contributor Eric Torigian has an answer.
Interested in making an impact on 76% of your team today? How about growing your earnings per share by a factor of 4? Columnist Eric Torigian explains how communication can make it so.