People Analytics in the Real World Posts

Data is one of the strongest and best used tools in the HR toolbox, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Chief among them is the ability to discern what the data means and to use it to direct strategy and actions. Vice president of enterprise surveys and analytics Sarah Johnson writes about the use of data from an organizational standpoint and how it can be and should be used daily. Additionally, Johnson provides real life examples where data was utilized to achieve success.
Listening to employees is great, but is it enough just to listen? Perceptyx's Sarah Johnson argues that action is required for the listening to have meaning.
People analytics is growing in popularity and offers a great deal of value when done properly. In order to do so, insights derived from people analytics efforts must address two vital questions.
COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways, but is it the right time to survey employees? Some say no, but Sarah Johnson with Perceptyx says now is one of the best times.
People Analytics: Where Do We Begin?
Published: 2020-02-07
Scared of people analytics? Have no idea how to get started? It’s actually not as intimidating as you might think. Dr. Sarah Johnson with Perceptyx explains why you have everything you need to get started.