Corporate Learning / Alignment
Contributor: Husein Panju
Posted: 05/06/2012
Husein Panju
HRIQ speaks with HR Director for Hilton Kuwait. "If you are not already there, then focus on getting yourself a seat at that table where strategies and business goals are formulated and worked upon. This involves a self evolution and changing the perception of internal customer from viewing HR as a traditionally administrative function to a commercially driven strategic business partner. Some helpful things to consider that will get you and help you stay there..." Full Article »
Contributor: Alexandra Guadagno
Posted: 03/12/2012
podcast hr today
Amber L Aziza, Director of Learning & Development at Advance Financial 24/7. Aziza will share how to develop learning content that can be delivered in an engaging and interactive way, as well as addressing the following questions:How is corporate learning (in general) changing?What is the challenge companies face with delivering learning to Full Podcast »
Contributor: Irving Buchen, Ph.D
Posted: 03/22/2012
Irving Buchen, Ph.D
Companies use various means to create and stir the workforce to be engaged, productive and happy. HR has to find the means to animate and align employees with company objectives to achieve unity of focus and enhance productivity. But that is not enough-- accountability has to be factored in. Targets have to be established and ways found to track and measure progress toward goals. This can’t be solely "rah-rah" and group rant. This is serious business. Full Column »