Corporate Learning / Measurement
Contributor: Arun Prakash
Posted: 04/29/2012
Arun Prakash
Research shows that this formal training, including "refresher" training, contributes to only 20 percent of learning at best. The remaining 80 percent of learning is achieved through "informal," methods and is totally dependent on the individual, the opportunities that come his or her way, and how fast he or she grasps that 80 percent. This time-consuming process makes it difficult for organizations to acquire new hires and more difficult for less experienced resources to acquire organizational knowledge. This gap is one of the key areas that corporations need to focus on. Full Article »
Contributor: Alexandra Guadagno
Posted: 08/03/2011
podcast hr today
HR Today is joined by Dr. Laurie Bassi, the CEO and a co-founder of McBassi & Company. She is also Chair of the Board at Bassi Investments, Inc. Dr. Bassi is an expert on the "decision-science" of human capital management—the processes and practices within an organization that align the management and development of employees with its Full Podcast »