Corporate Learning / Talent Management
Contributor: Ashehad Faizy
Posted: 07/20/2011
Ashehad Faizy
The majority of organizations fail to measure or gather information about their human capital, thereby denying stakeholders and potential investors the ability to assess the impact of current and future performance. Full Article »
Contributor: Lawrence Polsky
Posted: 03/19/2012
Lawrence Polsky
Corporate learning functions are critical to driving organizational change. We are in the middle of analyzing our 2012 Global Best Practices Research on Leading Change and "culture change" is a priority globally. 62 percent of over 550 global respondents said that they are involved in culture change projects. Cultures only change when employees change behavior. So who better than Corporate Learning to advise on how to drive this change? I interviewed several leading learning executives to find out how they do it. Here are their six must do’s... Full Column »