August Top 10 – Best HR Articles

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Recruitment, technology and corporate learning were huge for HR in August.  Here are the top 10 articles from the month.

August's Best

  1. 7 Stats that Prove Training Value

Every HR professional in the world is trying to figure out how to retain employees.  There are many different answers that come to mind, but chief among them is learning.  Don’t believe me?  According to LinkedIn, 94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning.  To find out why, read this article by HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson.

  1. Corporate Learning:  L&D’s Untapped Resource

Corporate learning has become a corporate challenge.  Never before has the learning function been under so much scrutiny as it is in today’s work environment.  Executives want to see a strong return on investment and the pressure to succeed is mounting on HR and learning professionals.  The problem is compounded by the fact the workforce has changed and continues to morph.  Also, HR is experiencing the reality that a labor shortage exists and it is inhibiting its ability to find top candidates to fill their open ranks.  Read more about how corporate learning can sort out these problems here.

  1. Is Your HR Department Helping Or Hurting Your Diversity Efforts?

Diversity and inclusion is huge this year.  In many respects, it’s the top buzzword of the year when it comes to HR departments and their yearly goals.  But is the work HR professionals is doing really helping or hurting their respective organizations?  That’s a question Janice Gassam with Forbes tries to answer in her latest piece.  Read it here.

  1. 10 Tips for Recruiting the Best Talent

50% of human resource managers that tell CareerBuilder1 they currently have open positions for which they cannot find one qualified candidate.  Finding the best talent for your company has never been more difficult than it is in 2019.  To add insult to injury, 32% of workers2 say they are planning to change jobs in this year.  HR Exchange Network Editor Mason Stevenson provides 10 tips for recruiting the best talent here.

  1. Globally, workers struggle to get basic information, assistance from employers

According to a new report from ServiceNow, covering the basic, daily needs of employees is difficult for employers.  “45% of global employees in the survey said they struggle to get answers to basic questions, such as asking for information about a company policy or for help with an equipment issue.”  Read more from HR Dive here.

  1. Leadership Soft Skills Required for Business and Personal Success

Business leaders want employees with the skills to deliver results. HR leaders work to hire, train, and pay for the right skills. And perhaps most importantly, employees at all levels wonder what they should learn, know, and do to improve their personal career opportunities.  HR thought leaders Dave and Wendy Ulrich explain why “soft” skills matter more here.

  1. AI Has a Gender Diversity Crisis, and Here’s Why HR Should Care

Female representation, at least where AI is concerned, is lacking.  In fact, according to the HR Technologist, it’s below average.  This article looks at several big points as it relates to the topic including three areas that have a gender diversity problem and the impact AI could have on those areas and strategies that help create a fair workplace and AI’s role in that.  Read more here.

  1. Blockchain Realities in Recruitment

Every HR professional tasked with finding the best talent for their companies is looking for tools to aid them in the charge.  Some are turning to AI.  Others are employing a change in their benefits strategy that makes the company more attractive to job candidates.  Of course, those are just some of the more popular ones.  Then there are those options that are more “pie in the sky” concepts, at least that’s what they seem to be at the moment.  Among them:  blockchain.  Read more here.

  1. Empowering HR Leaders with Technology to Improve Engagement and Retention

Technology is a powerful tool.  When it comes to Human Resources, it can empower leaders.  That’s according to ion Learning CEO Shavon Lindley.  In her article on the HR Technologist, Lindley explores this idea and offers some real ways technology improves the working lives of HR professionals.  Read it here.

  1. How HR Handles Complaints Against Managers

In her latest contribution to the HR Exchange Network, Dr. Jeanette Winters takes on the task of handling complaints against managers.  Dr. Winters breaks down the step-by-step process which includes how to conduct the investigation.  Read more here.