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Chief Human Resources Officer for Igloo Products Corp. Dr. Jeanette Winters believes HR shouldn’t be a black hole of information guarded like Fort Knox, but rather a well spring of knowledge available to all. Every month, Dr. Winters will focus on a relevant and topical HR subject and explain its intricacies so as to declassify it for HR professionals.
Is aligning human resources staff with field operations always a good strategy? HR columnist Jeanette Winters answers the questions and gives a series of best practices in response.
HR Loyalty: Management or Employee?
Published: 2019-03-12
Human Resources professionals are often asked this question: is HR more loyal to management or the employee? Contributor Dr. Jeanette Winters answers the question.
As HR professionals, it's an unfortunate action: the promotion of one employee over another. Of course, that usually means one or more employees are upset. Dr. Jeanette Winters discusses how to handle the situation.