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Chief Human Resources Officer for Igloo Products Corp. Dr. Jeanette Winters believes HR shouldn’t be a black hole of information guarded like Fort Knox, but rather a well spring of knowledge available to all. Every month, Dr. Winters will focus on a relevant and topical HR subject and explain its intricacies so as to declassify it for HR professionals.
HR has received multiple complaints on a manager in 1 month. Is the manager or employees the issue? Or is it something else? Dr. Jeanette Winters explains how to handle the problem.
Employees turn to HR all the time. Sometimes, their needs can be hard to meet. How does an HR professional prioritize those needs and requests? Dr. Jeanette Winters has the answer.
Is aligning human resources staff with field operations always a good strategy? HR columnist Jeanette Winters answers the questions and gives a series of best practices in response.
HR Loyalty: Management or Employee?
Published: 2019-03-12
Human Resources professionals are often asked this question: is HR more loyal to management or the employee? Contributor Dr. Jeanette Winters answers the question.
As HR professionals, it's an unfortunate action: the promotion of one employee over another. Of course, that usually means one or more employees are upset. Dr. Jeanette Winters discusses how to handle the situation.