HR Unclassified: Revealing the Secrets of HR Posts

Chief Human Resources Officer for Igloo Products Corp. Dr. Jeanette Winters believes HR shouldn’t be a black hole of information guarded like Fort Knox, but rather a well spring of knowledge available to all. Every month, Dr. Winters will focus on a relevant and topical HR subject and explain its intricacies so as to declassify it for HR professionals.
HR and learning and development teams have yet to capitalize on the promise of artificial intelligence. Dr. Jeanette Winters sits down with author and learning expert Margie Meacham to explore how these professionals can tap into AI today.
Disruptions to normal processes due to the pandemic are common, but performance issues should not be put on the back burner for long. In this column, Dr. Jeanette Winters explores how to restart those conversations.
As automation finds its way into the workplace at increasingly high levels, human development will take center stage to keep people at the core of success in the future of work.
Interest in Professional Employer Organizations is on the rise, but determining if your company should use one requires asking the right questions and examining why you want to use one.
Dr. Jeanette Winters provides some self-care tips to help every HR professional and organizational leader ensure that they're in a place to care for others and help them succeed.
COVID-19 has caused businesses to re-evaluate their plans and chart new courses that have involved a number of difficult decisions. See what CEO learned from an online confrontation after laying workers off.
Assessing, identifying and developing high potential employees to impact the organization has ongoing benefits for succession planning and adaptability.
Renter or ownership? Sounds like a question for people looking for a home, but it’s actually one for employees when it comes to engagement. Contributor Dr. Jeanette Winter explains the difference and how to move from renting to owning employee engagement.
Are pre-assessments before hiring a person necessary? Do you learn everything you need to know about the possible employee? If you’re looking to implement the strategy, HR Exchange Network columnist Jeanette Winters answers those questions and provides direction of the platform.
Creating a Sense of Team Virtually
Published: 2020-01-13
Managing a geographically dispersed team certainly comes with challenges. Dr. Jeanette Winters offers some simple yet powerful ideas on how to lead a global team successfully.
Training For Confidence
Published: 2019-12-11
The focus put on soft skills these days is immense; skills such as confidence. In her latest column, Dr. Jeanette Winters discusses how one employee continues to train for confidence.
A topic of great interest in the HR community is the issue of marijuana and its implications in the workforce. Contributor Dr. Jeanette Winters breaks down the legal impact and HR’s role in dealing with the sometimes legal drug.
Creating a Coaching Culture
Published: 2019-10-15
Coaching cultures are a really hot topic. HR Exchange Network columnist Dr. Jeanetter Winters discusses the attributes of a great coaching culture and how you can create your own!
HR’s Role in Terminations
Published: 2019-09-10
Terminating an employee is never an easy decision nor should it be. HR Exchange Network contributor Dr. Jeanette Winters explains HR’s role in the process.
HR has received multiple complaints on a manager in 1 month. Is the manager or employees the issue? Or is it something else? Dr. Jeanette Winters explains how to handle the problem.
Employees turn to HR all the time. Sometimes, their needs can be hard to meet. How does an HR professional prioritize those needs and requests? Dr. Jeanette Winters has the answer.
Is aligning human resources staff with field operations always a good strategy? HR columnist Jeanette Winters answers the questions and gives a series of best practices in response.
HR Loyalty: Management or Employee?
Published: 2019-03-12
Human Resources professionals are often asked this question: is HR more loyal to management or the employee? Contributor Dr. Jeanette Winters answers the question.
As HR professionals, it's an unfortunate action: the promotion of one employee over another. Of course, that usually means one or more employees are upset. Dr. Jeanette Winters discusses how to handle the situation.