Corporate Learning / Running Training Like a Business
Contributor: Bob Dick
Posted: 01/23/2012
Bob Dick
"As educators, we cannot reasonably expect that we can take corrective steps in a course simply by looking at test scores at the end of a course. Testing throughout training must be done early and often. We have discovered at Humana that metrics and success are not a one size fits all effort, and that planning efforts at the front end of any project will pay great dividends when designing and delivering meaningful and actionable metrics." Full Article »
Contributor: Allan Hoving
Posted: 12/09/2010
podcast hr today
In order to build for the future, HR Learning Officers need to take a strategic approach fo ensuring maintenance of their current systems. In this podcast interview, recorded at the 12th Annual Corporate University Week Expo and Conference, in Orlando, Florida, in November 2010, John Wiltshire, VP, Global Talent & Organization Development, Full Podcast »
Contributor: Alan A. Malinchak
Posted: 03/14/2012
Alan A. Malinchak
As a learning professional within your organization, you have a responsibility to develop your employees to improve their performance for your company’s clients. Today we are asking if you can see yourself using the structure of your corporate university to generate revenue or become a cost-neutral operation. Full Column »