Workplace Investigations: Discrimination and Harassment

By Diane Pfadenhauer

In today's business world of "sue first and ask questions later," many companies are at risk for lawsuits regarding sexual harassment and/or discrimination. The average cost for litigating these law suits is in excess of $150,000.

Workplace investigations are the cornerstone of your corporate defense against these lawsuits. Now a book is available that can answer the following important questions:
  • Is my company at risk for sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits?
  • How do I identify current risks for our company?
  • How to I set up the processes to conduct a workplace investigation?
  • What steps do I need to follow to conduct a thorough workplace investigation?
Now Diane Pfadenhauer, in her book Workplace Investigations, provides these answers and a lot more information on how to plan for and conduct these investigations and how to reduce and/or eliminate you exposure.