HR News Beat 3/2/18: PwC and YouTube face hiring discrimination lawsuits

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In today's HR News Beat: PwC has been accused of age discrimination in hiring, while YouTube faces discrimination lawsuits of its own.

PwC faces age discrimination lawsuit

PricewaterhouseCooper is being accused of purposely discriminating against older applicants. Two men, in their 40s and 50s, say they applied to the auditing giant and was not hired because of their ages. PwC denies the charge. The litigants say PwC, and other firms, use campus recruiting to hire business school graduates. If the outcome of the case favors the litigants, the act could be considered discriminatory. Click here for more.

YouTube being accused of discriminatory hiring

YouTube is being sued, accused for discriminatory hiring practices. Arne Wilberg alleges the Google division avoided hiring white or Asian males in order to meet diversity quotas. Wilberg also contends he was fired for speaking against the practice. In addition to this lawsuit, the tech giant is facing other lawsuits related to discrimination. For more information, click here.

PBS to explore HR's role in the #MeToo suxual harassment wave

The PBS series "#MeToo, Now What?" will focus one of its episodes on human resources' role in the sexual harassment wave. According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the episode "criticizes corporate human resources departments for not stemming the tide of workplace harassment claims that have washed over the highest ranks of American business in the last year." Attorney Nancy Erika Smith and Gretchen Carlson are guest speakers. The show airs Friday night on PBS at 8:30p EST. For more information, click here.