HR News Beat: Citgo HR VP allegedly fired for refusing to commit crimes

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Human resources professionals find themselves in very precarious positions from time to time.  In those moments, decisions have to be made that may cause further difficulties.  A former HR VP for Citgo says that exactly what happened to her. 

In other HR news, most APAC workers say they aren’t getting diversity and inclusion training and baby boomers are experiencing age discrimination according to a new study.

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Citgo HR VP allegedly fired for refusing to commit crimes

Former Citgo vice president of HR Marisol Gomez says she was fired after she refused to commit crimes ordered by the company’s former president and CEO Nelson Martinez.  According to Reuters, Martinez allegedly asked Gomez for her help in a kickback scheme.  Gomez says she was asked to execute a $1.7 million contract.  The contract was designed to bring in large sums of money for Martinez at the expense of employees and a charity fund.  Gomez says she was also asked to approve a contract connected to an international drug seller.  Gomez refused and she says she was fired shortly thereafter.

Martinez was arrested later on corruption and theft-related charges.

Gomez is seeking more that $1 million in damages.

Most APAC workers lack access to diversity and inclusion training

A new report out says APAC employees have little access to diversity and inclusion training in the workplace.  The 2019 H1 APAC Workforce Insights report from PERSOKLELLY revealed only 16% of workers say their companies have D&I training.  Of those who do have access to these types of training, 77% say they are satisfied with their employers.  Of those without access to the training, 56% were satisfied with their employers.  Read the report here.

Age discrimination an issue for baby boomers

A new study out says nearly 53% of baby boomers have experienced age discrimination in their job search while nearly 66% feel “very qualified” for positions for which they’re applying.  iHire made the discovery after interviewing more than 1,200 baby boomers across more than 50 industries.

According to their press release, other findings include:

  • Baby boomers are both actively and passively seeking new career opportunities:
    • 40.8% of baby boomers surveyed are unemployed and seeking a job, providing evidence of their interest in returning to the workforce and/or an uptick in baby boomer layoffs.
    • 56% are currently employed, supporting the upward trend of postponing retirement.
  • Baby boomers have high confidence in their qualifications:
    • 82.9% feel either “very qualified” or “overqualified” for the jobs for which they are applying.
    • Less than 5% feel “somewhat” or “not at all” qualified.
  • Baby boomers are experiencing bias in their job search despite their perceived qualifications:
    • In addition to the 52.5% who have experienced age discrimination, 44.5% believe their generation is unfairly stereotyped by today’s employers.
    • 69.9% of baby boomers who said they feel overqualified for jobs believe they’ve been subjected to ageism.
  • Baby boomers value salary most in a potential employer, reinforcing a need to augment their retirement savings:
    • 73.5% selected “fair salary/compensation” as one of their top three most desired workplace offerings.
    • Health benefits, work/life balance, 401(k) options, and flexibility (telecommute/set your own schedule) followed as popular responses.