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Top 10 Trends in People Analytics

A detailed look at some of the hottest developments in the field of People Analytics, from ONA to "Nudge"

Human Resources: Strategic, Predictive and Cost Effective

With the rise of HR digital capabilities, data analytics and strategic workforce planning, HR professionals may now showcase revenue generation and return on investment. Predictive Hiring, Strategic Workforce Planning, and overall analytics of the metrics being measured are the keys to HR successfully implementing change in any organization. Learn more at the 21st HR Metrics & Analytics Summit in February of 2019. For more information email

People-Centric Analytics: How to Benefit from Data Analysis

Exploring how employees can benefit from data analysis is a tricky but integral part of implementing a metrics and analytics system into your organization. Training & development, engagement, and employability are all areas with the opportunity to improve once analytics are in place. The next variable to consider? Privacy.

Disruptive Trends Redefining Human Resources

This report explains how to merge social media with employee engagement, and offers detailed thought leadership on why companies have to embrace the concept. It provides step-by-step processes, and real-life, successful examples.  Readers will also gain insight from leaders in the HR community on leveraging such practices to build loyalty, not only from employees, but also from customers. Conversely,

HR professionals will learn:

    how to embrace employee experience and beat the employee engagement crisis
  1. how social media can grow employee engagement and strengthen employee branding for the company.
  2. how to think outside the box to deliver rewards and how those foster growth and maintenance of a positive work environment.