Malaysian skilled workers could see minimum monthly wage increase

A proposed wage hike could help skilled workers in Malaysia if it is approved.

According to Bernama, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi proposed increasing the minimum wage of Malaysian skilled workers to RM3,500 per month. It’s currently set at approximately RM1,200.

Cranes on the river in Melaka, Malaysia

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The DPM said this would bring wages up to match that of migrant skilled workers in the country, most of which come from China and Indonesia and are concentrated in the construction sector. In addition to that, it’s hoped the increase will encourage more young Malaysians to pursue the Technical and Vocational Education and Training program (TVET).

Datuk Ahmad made the proposal while attending the inaugural TVET Expo at the Putra World Trade Centre. He projects wages will each RM5,000 by 2030.

In addition to this announcement, Datuk Ahmad directed the human resources ministry to start the process of setting up the TVET Malaysia Council. The human resources ministry coordinates the TVET Malaysia program. Once in place, the council should take over the managing of skills for works. Datuk Ahmad says TVET should make sure a career development framework is in place for graduates, and it should give them an opportunity to pursue higher education in addition to their technical sills. This will give graduates opportunities for future success.

These directives should help the government meet its commitment to change Malaysia’s workforce. By 2030, skilled workers should make up 43% of the workforce.